Pedestrian killed in Medford hit-and-run

State Police report that around 5:40 a.m., troopers found a man lying on Rte. 16 near Wellington Circle with life-threatening injuries.

He was rushed to Mass. General, where he was pronounced dead.

State Police say they do not yet even have a description of the vehicle whose driver hit the man, then kept on going.



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very dangerous area

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That entire area along route 16 from Wellington to the shopping center is crazy dangerous for pedestrians. It seemingly was designed for cars only. A pedestrian overpass there would save lives.

or better BETTER yet

ban cars entirely

or ban pedestrians entirely

or ban bicycles entirely

sorry i forget which idiotic unrealistic agenda i'm pushing this week

i was thinking about this the other day though, do the people who froth at the mouth about banning cars also frequently complain about the MBTA short comings? have they ever thought about what banning cars would do to public transit as it stands?


You are way off

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Too busy spewing hateful snark to understand the first thing about something you know nothing of, obviously.

EVERYONE wants this goddamn clusterfuck redesigned, but the State just can't get off their asses and do it to save any lives whatsoever. MOTORISTS want it fixed MSP want it fixed Cyclists and pedestrians want it fixed.

MASSDOT has its head up its ass and is too busy pulling stupid shit like striping five lanes on one side of a light and four on the other and misspelling signs.

hateful snark

sick use of a uhub cliche dude, any other ones up your sleeve?

go play in traffic, kid



ps not EVERYONE wants it changed. i dont. i'm content with death traps the way they are. *~darwin award~* tehee

Please don't

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You can make your points in other ways than calling for somebody's death.


i fixed it to reflect my actual true, deeper thoughts on the matter

Looks to me...

... like you are still wishing death on others. Does this sort of thing really give you some sort of thrill?

You say girl

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Like there is something wrong with being a girl.

No maybe in maybe there is something wrong with you.

Isn't 4-chan calling or something?

Schtick is old

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Your comments aren't shocking or amusing. Simply boring.

This part of 16 is being rebuilt

MassDOT is rebuilding both of the bridges -- over the Orange Line and over the Malden River -- to make the road safer for both pedestrians and cyclists. This will also extend the River's Edge ped/bike paths under Route 16 to Wellington station.

ya'll complain about a

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ya'll complain about a bicyclist on a highway and get over 100 comments, then this happens nobody flinches an eye. 1 comment really? ya'll got priorities flipped. We need better infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.

horrible intersection

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I regularly walk and drive in that area, what an all-around dangerous spot. For starters -- not sure if this is the light timing or just somehow an accepted thing -- but you can bet on either a back up from one side or cars coming through up to 2-3 seconds after they get a red. Not coasting through a yellow where they could have stopped, but a full on red light. A couple weeks back, I had a green and some peds were crossing against the no walk sign as two lanes of traffic started to go.

Also, there's no signal on that stretch between the traffic island coming from crossing 16 and going towards station landing. It's only about 8 feet but it can really suck as a pedestrian. Although there is a light to turn right onto revere beach parkway, people take the right on red interpretation as meaning not having to stop at all. Some even make it into two lanes to cut off the people who do lawfully come to a complete stop.

Hard to believe the MSP barracks is right there. They could make a killing just being out on foot handing out violations, waving people down from the traffic islands. It's only going to get worse with the casino traffic. Even a pedestrian footbridge between station landing and the other side of 16 going to Kappy's would help.

well anon

Hard to believe the MSP barracks is right there. They could make a killing just being out on foot handing out violations,

the closer you are to danger, the farther you are from harm

Just going to get worse

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When the casino opens, this whole area is going to be ever so much less safe for anyone trying to get though this intersection not matter what they are using to move themselves along (car, bike, feet, ...). A problem with trying to fix it now is that we really have no idea what the traffic through there will look like once that (presumably) big draw is open. Along with the dozens or hundreds (depending on the final number) of new apartments near the Meadow Glen Mall site. And how does Wegman's fit into the traffic patterns. It's a big mess now. There's a much bigger mess in the making.

Do you drive through the area?

Consider finding another route, then.

I make a concerted effort not to drive through that area during "on" hours, even though I do commute through the area twice a day on most days. Make it easier for people to not drive, and chances are that they won't. The developers have been told outright that they need to contribute to improving the path network that takes people to Wellington and Assembly stations (Assembly is about 10 minutes at most by bike and can be accomplished entirely off road.) - there are already good crossings under Rt. 16.

You can also help others demand more service on the 134 bus line to get people to Wellington in the morning and back in the evening. The Wegmans also makes the apartment dwellers less needy of cars to shop (as does the Trader Joe's going in at Assembly) - although I have absolutely zero plans to shop at either using a car unless it is at off hours.

Remember: your driving (and mine) cause traffic every bit as much as everybody else's driving.

On the other hand, traffic rarely gets worse, actually. It hits a point of utter hatefulness and then people start working around it. Build more capacity and people will reach hatefulness and then stop using that route. Remove capacity and you get the same hatefulness. Add drivers to the area, same hatefulness. There isn't much to be done for it save getting out of the game however you can.

Actually, once the casino

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Actually, once the casino opens, it'll be much safer. Motionless, gridlocked cars for miles can't hit anyone.

Wellington Circle?

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Google couldn't precisely find this location but I think this is it. Looks like a fun area to cross.