Red Line riders under duress; cable fire making service a mess

A power cable that caught fire at Charles/MGH around 1:40 a.m. meant no service between Kendall Square and Park Street first thing this morning. The T announced around 7 a.m. that repairs had been finished and service was resuming, but with "residual" delays.



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He's raising the cost of

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He's raising the cost of public transportation and diverting money to private companies like GE, that sadly seems to be what some people in this state want (Trump won here after all), corporate welfare and more traffic.

Um, Trump did not win

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Massachusetts, unless you're talking just the GOP primary. Hillary and Bernie both received more votes than Trump.

I think you're arguing with

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I think you're arguing with someone's AI chatbot. It just chews up Democratic talking points and spits them back out in a (semi-)coherent manner on this site.

Busting unions for the Koch Brothers

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The ALEC playbook for destroying unions and public services is way more important to Charlie than making decisions and promoting programs that improve transit and continue to maintain and improve our very healthy economy.

He wants to be Governor of Detroit, I think.

Good luck getting all those people to their GE Jobs with that helipad! Maybe that's why they will be terrified?