Ride on one Haverhill Line train was hellacious this morning

Baphomet on the Haverhill Line

Jeff Durney shared a ride into town with Baphomet this morning.



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    Knew it...

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    Clear evidence that Dunkin is the Coffee from Hell.

    What's with the 'blue levels' on the new CR schedules?

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    At least on the Newburyport/Rockport lines, according to the new schedules;"Trains shaded in blue WILL NOT OPERATE when the commuter rail is operating at a blue level" That's 8 trains inbound and 8 outbound. Is this another Keolis ploy to cancel trains with no penalty? oh, right, those fines are all rescinded thanks to their lobbyist...

    They had the same thing with

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    the "special winter" schedules they issued last year, although is wasn't identified by color. But I agree, there's nothing that states the specific criteria for a "blue' level schedule to go into effect, nor any indication of how long in advance passengers will be notified that the CR is running on 'blue level'.

    And the concept of "it's a winter storm, so let's drastically reduce the number of trains we're operating" is just plain idiotic Especially when you retain early trains, but cancel most of the later ones (look at the Reading/Haverhill "blue level" schedule for an example of this).