T bus driver hits vehicle in Stoneham, arrested for not stopping

WCVB reports no injuries, adds Transit Police are looking at whether the driver was under the influence of prescription drugs.



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    Saw the same happen on the 57 a few months ago (August?). Somewhere between Oak Sq and Brighton Center the guy rear ended the car in front of him while focusing on cutting off the car to his left while he wasn't pulling away from the bus stop. Pulled away and left without saying a word to the other driver. Anti-social asshole then proceeded to blow his horn at every bike we passed. I called and emailed the MBtA complaint line, and received an email a few days later saying that the driver had been identified and dealt with appropriately, but I doubt it.


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    *while he was pulling away

    Brought to you by autocorrect.

    Proceeded to blow his horn at every bike we passed

    The 57 bus I rode yesterday morning was doing this to multiple cyclists.

    Oh and then there was the 57 driver that became completely unhinged, drove erratically and told me to get out of his way and that he would kill me.


    Passengers complained about this too, wonder if the T pulled a Cardinal Law with that driver or actually did something to remove them from the road.

    They use the horn

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    to make sure bicyclists are fully aware there is an enormous bus near them. The driver understandably is being hyper vigilant to avoid hitting and killing a bicyclist. It is obviously much more difficult to maneuver a bus on crowded city streets, and it can't stop on a dime to avoid collisions.

    Not really

    You can hear the damn things a mile back.

    It is mostly a form of harassment, particularly when there is a separate bike lane there.

    Bikes don't have to get out of their way when there is simply no means of doing so - drivers have to drive and yield when overtaking and pulling to the curb. Even if that means slowing down a little and waiting a few seconds to do so. Turn signals work a hell of a lot better for buses ahead of bikes that are pulling to the curb.

    The term "professional" comes to mind. Professionals know these rules and their responsibilities.

    The bikes were in the bike lane

    The bus was simply passing by in the right lane between stops, no reason to honk and scare the cyclists needlessly.

    Now do you have any justification for a bus driver saying they want to kill cyclists?

    Or how about the 57 bus that blew a red light I was stopping at, narrowly missing me by inches? Something about being hyper vigilant doesn't seem to apply there.

    The bus actually hit the car

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    The bus actually hit the car in Melrose but continued on its route until was stopped by police in Stoneham after passengers called 911.


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    Why did the State police pass the hot potato to the Transit Police? If the driver flunked the field sobriety tests isn't the duty of the trooper to place him in custody not wait for a half an hour or so for the Transit Police to show up? The Transit Police didn't arrest the operator so did they allow him to drive home ?

    My guess is an MBTA Inspector

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    My guess is an MBTA Inspector arrived with a new driver then transported the original driver to their mandated drug and alcohol testing.

    Prescription Drugs

    I wonder what their policy on Ambien and related sleep aids is?

    According to this American Journal of Public Health Study, there may be a problem, particularly in new users of these drugs:

    Conclusions. New use of sedative hypnotics is associated with increased motor vehicle crash risk. Clinicians initiating sedative hypnotic treatment should consider length of treatment and counseling on driving risk.

    Read More: http://ajph.aphapublications.org/doi/abs/10.2105/AJPH.2015.302723?url_ve...