The T provides some Night Owl service on the Riverside Line

Owl rescued by T workers

The MBTA reports workers teamed up to help a dazed owl that butted heads with a trolley in Brookline last night.

The bird somehow came into contact with a Riverside Line trolley around 11:25 p.m. in Brookline Village, the T reports. Driver Hoa Tran got out, carried the bird off the tracks and to a bench at the station and radioed in for help.

Two supervisors arrived, confirmed the bird was an owl and still alive, put it in a cardboard box and then started calling around for more help. Animal control officers in both Brookline and Boston, the MSPCA and Mass. Environmental Police all expressed regrets - they had nobody to send. The Tufts veterinary center in North Grafton reported it could care for the bird, but also had nobody to send out.

Inspector McLaughlin volunteered to transport the owl on his own to the Grafton facility when his shift was over.



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          ( and Best Wishes for a speedy recovery! )

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Thank you!

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Inspector McLaughlin

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What a caring driver to go

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What a caring driver to go out of his way to do this as well as the Inspector that offered to deliver the Owl to Tufts.

Good job!

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Owl say!

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Thanks for giving a hoot, gents.

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