T trains huddled for warmth overnight



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    Maybe this is a dumb question, but...

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    Were they also stored in the tunnels on Saturday night when it was mega-windchill negative temps cold? Or just last night for not-as-bad cold?

    I don't think windchill

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    I don't think windchill affects machinery like it does human beings. If the air is 0F, once the machine's body hits 0F, it's not going to get any colder, no matter what the windchill is. Physically impossible. However, when it's 0F and the wind is blowing, it feels colder to the human body, because moving air sucks heat away from a warm object faster than still air at the same temperature.

    Should have done this long ago

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    Unless this has been standard practice, it took last year's disaster for the MBTA to figure this out, or for someone in another system to tell them. The Green Line has always had trouble in cold weather.

    I'm sure one of the rail fans will correct me if this has been standard practice before this winter.

    Considering they're

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    Considering they're constantly working on the tracks at night, I'm sure they can't do this all the time.


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    The media will cover this story and praise management for this innovative idea. I guess no one told them that the MTA in New York has been parking trains in tunnels for decades during frigid weather.

    I stand corrected

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    Oh, well. I got to vent on the Internet.