Thanks, Maine: That state's taxpayers might have to pick up part of the tab for refurbishing T buses

The Portland Press-Herald reports a Maine state agency trying to make some extra money by refurbishing vehicles seriously underbid a contract to refurbish 32 MBTA articulated buses (the extra long kind you see on the Silver Line) - to the point where Maine might have to absorb the losses if it can't convince the T to pay more for the work. The Press-Herald notes: "It’s not clear what incentive the Boston-area transit authority would have to pay more for the work."



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    Who elected LeTudge twice?

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    They wanted a "pro business" "cut everything" blah blah Governor.

    They get what they voted for when incompetent appointee idiots do stupid things as a result.

    Sort of

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    You could just as easily blame the left for being unable to come up with a single candidate, instead of dividing the anti-LePage vote.


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    Nana boo boo. Maine you pay too.


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    Do we have to go to Maine to fix our buses?

    Major Overhauls

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    Major overhauls are done by outside vendors because that kind of work the MBTA is not equipped to handle. This includes buses and trains. The T can do general maintenance work but major and long-term rebuilds have to be contracted out to outside companies. Their maintenance facilities are not equipped to handle long-term rebuilds of this nature. They never have been.

    Body fixes and paint aside, the rebuilds usually include major engine overhauls or replacements, and upgrades and replacements of worn parts and electricals. The process usually adds 10 to 25 years life span to each vehicle.

    Remember the Silver Line buses are diesel buses. The diesel engine generates electricity when operating on the surface. When the Silver Line goes under wire for its power the diesel is shut down.

    The MBTA does do some major

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    The MBTA does do some major overhauls and rebuilds inhouse.

    The Matapan PCCs were rebuilt by the MBTA at Orient Heights and Riverside between 1999-2005, the #2 01700 Red Line cars were rebuilt by MBTA forces at Cabot Shops, and the MBTA's Everet Shops has rebuilt some of the RTS buses, some of the NABI buses, and is working on the 2006 New Flyers buses right now.


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    Suck it, LePage!

    The buses being overhauled in

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    The buses being overhauled in Maine are not the ones on the 28 and 39, they are the dual-modes tha operate on the SL1 and SL2 Silver Line. If the overhaul of these 32 buses is delayed beause of dispute over the costs,the opening of the Silver Line Gateway extension to Chelsea will also be delayed. They will only have enough dual-modes to run the Chelsea service after the overhaul of all 32 is complete.


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    I was using the 28 and 39 as examples, didn't realize they were actually Silver Liner buses. I've updated the original post.

    this is a tough one

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    Maine is a neighbor, and I bet the Maine taxpayers are as annoyed as we Massholes would be at having to bail out an agency that stupidly underbid. Out of a sense of neighborliness, I'd be inclined to think we may pick up some-- not all, not half-- of the $19 mil.

    But personally, I want LePage to own this and suck it.

    Can MBTA or Charlie Baker or anyone else sue?

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    To the extent that the rebidding and reworking delays the MBTA, the Massachusetts taxpayers suffer harm, because of the contract cancellation.

    Sue 'em for the hardship.

    "It’s not clear what

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    "It’s not clear what incentive the Boston-area transit authority would have to pay more for the work."

    Well, the prospect of never getting their vehicles back might bring some clarity.

    Sure thing

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    The MBTA could then sure their asses off for beach of contract plus damages. Far more $$$ in that for us.

    Might bring some clarity indeed.

    privitization won't work

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    for the past year all I have read in the boston papers is how the mbta union workers cost too much money. blah, blah, blah. article after article on how private companies could do the work so much cheaper. the problem with all of this noise is that because there are so many articles and news stories that the general public starts to believe it. also the people writing these articles and the "think tanks" behind them have no idea what they are talking about. they can't even change their oil in the car. they have no idea what is takes to maintain a bus fleet of a 1000+ buses. some of which are older than the guys working on them.

    I am sure gov. baker loved the 19 million dollar bid and used it as an example of how private companies will save the MA money but it will not. please, any news reporter out there, go ask baker for comment. ask him if this is what the state of MA can expect when we send out work to a private company.

    remember, it is only 32 buses. all the same type. the workers at the T maintain 1000+ buses, around 10 different types. if a private company tried to take that over cost would skyrocket and if you think you pay a lot for a bus ride today, my guess is it would triple or more. also, the routes that don't make money would be history. private companies are in it to make money, period.