Things you wouldn't think needed to be said: Don't go into a subway tunnel to take a selfie

Aquarium selfie guy wanted by police

Transit Police have released photos of a guy they say jumped down on the tracks at Aquarium and then walked down into the tunnel so he could take a tunnel selfie around 8 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Police say they had to stop Blue Line service for what turned out to be a fruitless search for the guy. But they add they're going to get all Mountie on him and are seeking the public's help to bring him to justice.

This type of behavior will not be tolerated. This criminal act could have turned deadly, it placed TPD officers and MBTA employees in harms way and greatly inconvenienced our riding public.

If you know any tunnel-dwelling New York fans, contact Transit Police detectives at 617-222-1050 or text an anonymous tip to 873873.



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come on

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"If you know any tunnel-dwelling New York fans"

Come on, you're really going to have to narrow it down...

Security Theatre

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Its not very reassuring to know with all the terrorist attacks on subways that a tunnel-dweller can escape a transit police dragnet. I might be wrong but does anyone believe its a good idea to tell the public that anyone can wander through the tunnels and the police can't find them.

Lots of security theater lately

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T police are at it routinely at Government Center and Thursday I saw them and the TSA doing bag checks and chemical swipes at State Street Old State House entrance. (Well, some of the T police- a lot of them were standing around playing Pokemon go or otherwise staring into their phones.

Such a joke as they had a table and a crowd of personnel on the street so any actual bad guy could just keep walking and not be subjected to any questioning or bag investigation.

form the money I'd rather see explosive sniffing K-9 unit teams on patrol throughout the system but with the understanding that they'd do normal police work when dogs' interest isn't piqued.

Oh is that what the TSA was

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Oh is that what the TSA was doing? When I left work I saw 4-5 of them standing around one entrance chatting with each other and one transit cop. Weren't even paying any attention to people entering the station. I had a bag. They didn't even notice, much less ask to search it.

That urban camo...

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That urban camo made him impossible to find. Mbta police aren't equipped to deal with military-style disruptive coloration.