Those fireworks were over the Charles to celebrate MIT's move to Cambridge 100 years ago

Fireworks over the Charles River

Carly Brownsberger was among the many non-MIT people who got to enjoy the fireworks the weekend after MIT's commencement.



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    Not quite correct

    Commencement was Friday. These fireworks were for an alumni reunion event called "Toast to Tech", celebrating the 100th anniversary of MIT's move from Boston to Cambridge.

    Great show

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    Thanks MIT! Amazing display.

    And if anyone's wondering - pre-1916 - MIT had two buildings on the site of the New England Life building next to what is now the Restoration Hardware building - which has its own interesting history as a museum, book repository (or so I've heard) and various retail incarnations.

    I'm guessing by 1916 MIT had other buildings in the neighborhood as well - but I think those two between Boylston and Newbury were the main buildings at the time.

    Map of MIT's old Boston campus, 1905

    is here:

    I don't think any of MIT's old Boston buildings still stand today. The Rogers and Walker buildings were demolished to make way for the New England Life building. The sites along Clarendon Street and Trinity Place now contain the John Hancock Tower, the John Hancock Conference Center and Hotel, and the YWCA. I'm not sure what's on Garrison Street south of St Botolph today, but I doubt that it's still the old MIT Gymnasium and Mechanical Labs.

    Bonwit Teller

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    For years the old Museum of Natural History building was home of the high end department store Bonwit Teller. Their flowered shopping bags are fondly remembered by many shoppers of a certain generation. For a short while after that it housed men's clothier Louis of Boston which had been across the street on Boylston for many years.

    And in between

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    Post museum and pre retail I've heard it was a book repository for BPS. File under unconfirmed.