A train that perished in Eastie made Blue Line ride a real beastie

Crowded Blue Line station at State Street

Jordan Frias found himself in a rush-hour-like crowd at State Street around 10 p.m., 15 minutes or so after a train switched to the Pearly Gates track at Maverick.



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Blue Line at night

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The Blue Line outbound at night is a nightmare in general. It is packed with so many people it makes rush hour look empty.

Countless Hard-Working People Depend On The Ⓣ

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It's important to remember what a failure the current governor is— unable and unwilling to tackle management problems within the , unable and definitely unwilling to maintain even the limited late night service that offered a way home for workers— workers who toil long hours doing unpleasant jobs in an attempt to earn an honest living. Mr. Baker cares only for the very wealthy. He'll never fix the .

Because late night service

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Because late night service only on Fridays and Saturdays is all about the workers? Makes sense.

The governor's been in office

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The governor's been in office for a year and appointed a body that took a year to study the issue in detail and issue a report a couple months ago. You think you can fix a multi-billion dollar agency in less time? Quick, what's your solution then? I mean your full solution, down to implementation details for the thousands of pieces of equipment and employees, schedules, timelines, and so on, not just "durrh give them lots more tax money. hurrrrh gas tax..."


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He very quickly put together his "Fiscal Control Board" within a month. Shows that what he's interested in fixing.

Faker can do something if he really wanted to, but its clear he doesn't really want to and has alternative motives. If he did, we would have many more fixes already in place.

Anything is possible.. anything if you put enough energy into. Faker just seems like he doesn't want to.

I don't remember such angst

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I don't remember such angst towards the last Governor about the T, yet somehow Baker gets all the blame. Why is that? I don't remember on UHub posts directing anger at Patrick, the amount of anger being directed at Baker. Is it party politics? Are people mad that we have a republican governor? (wouldn't surprise me with some)

Can't agree with any of this. This is decades of neglect and it will take a long time to even begin to see a shimmer of improvement. Adding to that the unions unwillingness to budge, loaded inept management and hourly employees that were given jobs due to politicians "favors" - none of that can be undone.

This was years in the making. The culture at the T will be hardest to change. Shopping at last Saturday I had to try to get around a group of people huddled in a conversation. As I passed I overheard it was a group of T employees, they were talking about how to add to their pension.
You can't make this stuff up, you don't have to.

What compounded this incident

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What compounded this incident is they were already only running a single shuttle train on one track between State and Maverick because of planned construction at Government Center. The train developed a problem at Maverick, had to be removed from the single track section, and then had to be replaced by another train set to substitute for it on the shuttle.

Once we get those new blue

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Once we get those new blue lines trains this should be a great line again.
Looks like maybe changing the blue line to buses is the only answer. It could be like the sliver sloth, but painted blue, and could share the former subway tunnel with cars and trucks, there is a need for more vehicular lanes from East Boston to downtown, lots of development there of luxury condos, people that wont tolerate socialist transportation. Win win. Another Baker victory!


"a train switched to the Pearly Gates track at Maverick."

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