Woman dies in Codman Square fire

Fire scene at 380 Talbot Ave. in Dorchester

380 Talbot Ave. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports a fire in a second-floor apartment at 380 Talbot Ave. early this morning left a woman dead.

The one-alarm fire, reported at 3:50 a.m. in the former Girls Latin School building, was confined to a single apartment, the department reports.

The woman was taken to Boston Medical Center, where she died. An autopsy will determine the exact cause of death. Investigators from the fire and police department and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office are now investigating the cause of the fire.

The fire did an estimated $250,000 in damage, the department reports.

During the fire, other residents were able to shelter in other parts of the large building.

This is Boston's second fatal fire this year; in January, a man died of injuries from a fire on Babson Street in Mattapan.



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Girl's Latin

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I don't believe there was ever a Girl's Latin Academy in Dorchester. Academies came into existence when BPS started hiring "those people" from Harvard.

Girls' Latin SCHOOL

After the school went co-ed, it was renamed Boston Latin Academy, but before that it was Girls' Latin School.


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The building's website http://www.livelatinacademy.com/ refers to it on the home page as Girls Latin Academy Apartments, while showing a plaque that says Latin Academy Apartments.

Girls Latin Academy apartment homes are ideally located in the heart of Codman Square

When it was redeveloped, it was referred to as Girls Latin Academy Apartments.

And after we figure this out, maybe we can figure out the exact location of the border between Dorchester and Mattapan.

Got to watch you

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Got to watch you intelligentsias , always trying to re-write history. Only kidding A-man , I myself had never heard of BLS Girls @ Talbot ever referred to as BLA , sounds so Miltonist . But Talbot Ave ., then , was the cat's meow.

Most of us in the neighborhood just call it

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Girls Latin, avoiding the whole School, Academy, Apartments thing. But the exact border between Mattapan and Dorchester? That's a discussion that will never end.

The Boundaries of Dorchester

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The Boundaries of Dorchester

But in my experience , you just develop a feel for it. Just like you know when you are in the South End vs. Roxbury , and various other parts of Boston that mesh together and loose their distinctness. Leather district , Combat Zone , Handbags and accessories , Filene's / Jordan's , all have a different feel, even if they are gone, just like Joe & Nemo's.


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Dorchester is a district of the city of Boston and is actually officially geographically defined.
Incidentally, the boundaries are not exactly those of the former town of Dorchester.
Mattapan is a Neighborhood and so, much more flexible and harder to pin down though it is
generally agreed to be in Dorchester
Neighborhoods don't even have to be in only one district (Note J.P which is almost anywhere the
real estate guys want)

OK, first, let's not forget a woman died ...

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But some people would fight you on the "Mattapan in Dorchester" thing, which they might say is about as correct as claiming JP is in West Roxbury (which it used to be, which explains why both West Roxbury District Court and West Roxbury Town Hall - today called Curtis Hall - are in JP).