'60s rock icon tells Trump fans in Massachusetts to give his shows a miss

Seems David Crosby (of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, and sometimes Young) played the Regent Theatre in Arlington last night. And seems he said some things that might offend the snowflakes who support the current president:

To which Crosby replied:

H/t Ben Becker.



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    Maybe you weren't around or reading when we had one rather notorious Arlington resident who posted here regularly. I assure you they are out there.

    I miss Fred

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    I don't recall him ever making his way over here, it was at Adam's old place.

    Ah, yes, Fred, a true gentleman

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    But, no, the Notorious One referred to earlier wasn't him, but another guy who hated (hates?) bicyclists and pedestrians with the blinding fury of 10,000 suns.

    He's angry

    You know what will calm him down? (Expletive) into a jar and giving it to Melissa Etheridge.


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    Does snowflake know that when CSNY sings "How many more" at the end of "Ohio" they're not trying to set a record?

    Does this person live under a rock?

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    Does he not know that Crosby has made outspoken political comments like this for 50 years now? I'm not saying one has to agree or disagree, I'm just saying how could one not know it's what he does? A similar situation arose back in 2006 when CSNY did an anti-George Bush tour of sorts and made a stop in Mansfield (whatever the venue was called back then). Some people walked out. How could people pay good money for a show and then walk out on a band with such widely known political songs as "Ohio", "Chicago", "For What It's Worth", "Military Madness", "Almost Cut My Hair", "Immigration Man" and many more?


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    its almost as their protest songs are "nostalgic" but if they speak up about similar issues today, they should "stick to music maaan". They like the protest without the actual protest. Idiotic. Listen to Kid Rock then.

    Interesting Point

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    At the 2006 CSNY show in Mansfield, some of the same people who cheered wildly for "Ohio", a scathing protest song that indicts Richard Nixon by name, booed or walked out at a new song "Let's Impeach the President", directed at George Bush. It's like it's OK for protest songs to be nostalgia, but not to be current and hit home. A very strange disconnect.

    They didn't

    CSN concert at the old Garden Stephen Stills wore a Gerry Cheevers #30 jersey.
    The old days.
    Too bad they're playing suburban hole in the walls...

    I was at that show!

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    "CSN concert at the old Garden Stephen Stills wore a Gerry Cheevers #30 jersey.
    The old days.
    Too bad they're playing suburban hole in the walls..."

    I was at that show with Stills wearing the hockey jersey. The old Boston Garden wasn't air conditioned and it was sweltering. That was actually part of the fun of it in those days, along with the joints and bottles of wine being passed around. The last show I saw at the old Garden shortly before they demolished it was Neil Young & Crazy Horse in 1991. He said "it's good to be here at the Boston Garden. They can tear it down but they can't bring it back. Not like me."

    I know republicans are

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    I know republicans are frightened by numbers but Trump's approval rating in MA is 29% and isn't much better nationwide. He is historically unpopular. Pointing out how much Trump sucks is smart business and the right thing to do.

    Conservatives who avoid any musician, comedian, writer, actor, etc who hates Trump will be stuck with nothing but garbage like pedophile/draft dodger Ted Nugent and his most recent hits from 30 years ago.

    Singing a political song

    Is different from stopping the show to go on and on about what's on his mind.....I wasn't at the show
    so I don't know if that's what he did. The last time I had any experience with that was Springsteen during Bush 43, he was booed for 5 minutes until he got back to the music.

    Guess what

    If you go to a show with any number of bands, the political rants are part of the show.

    For these same bands, they have been part of the show for decades.

    Sorry if you are too fragile to deal with it, but do your homework and you won't be disappointed. Performers aren't your personal entertainment slaves, dear.


    Midnight Oil
    Dead Kennedy's
    Dropkick Murphys
    Bruce Springsteen
    Crosby, Stills, Nash OR Neil Young

    I'm sure there are others who will just shut up and serve you music, but steer clear of these (and others - uhubbers please feel free to add)

    I’m fairly certain

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    SFD will never hear a song from Fugazi.

    I, on the other hand, saw them at Green Street on their first trip to Boston.

    Gee, Swirl!

    Would you like to know the real political leanings of several of the bands you cited? And if you had been in an elevator at MSG when David Crosby let one rip out his bloated ass, you might not be so impressed with anything he has to say.

    Never meet your heroes. Most of them suck.


    I never said that these bands were "my heroes".

    I have seen most of them, but the point was that certain bands and frontpeople do stage rants, and they are well known for it, and it is part of their performance.

    Someone mentioned Nugent. Him too.

    Probably want to add GreenDay to that list, too, except that they don't have much downtime in their shows.

    Leftist bands

    uhubbers please feel free to add

    There was a three girl country act that was very disrespectful of President Bush and ended up apologizing for their behavior. They never quite grasped what freedom of speech is and spent the next ten years whining about how hard it is to perform myopic PMS lunatic rants on stage and still retain sponsors.

    The Dixie Chicks

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    suffered for their principles, it is true. Natalie Maines briefly apologized, but then retracted her apology. That was in 2003. In 2007 The Dixie Chicks won 5 Grammys, including Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year. The Song of the Year was Not Ready To Make Nice. Is that your idea of whining?

    The Dixie Chicks

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    suffered for their principles, it is true. Natalie Maines briefly apologized, but then retracted her apology. That was in 2003. In 2007 The Dixie Chicks won 5 Grammys, including Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year. The Song of the Year was Not Ready To Make Nice. Is that your idea of whining?

    Depends on the artist

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    Certainly art and politics can be separate and I agree that some musicians sing about nonsense and then suddenly pretend to be political when they think it's cool. Musicians should tread carefully at first when they are talking politics.

    David Crosby has been talking politics for his entire career.

    Of course. They are you employee for the next two hours.

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    They should go onto stage, sing and leave. God forbid they act as though they are fully formed human beings?

    What I hate is when politicians get on the political stage and act like politicians. Why can't they just act like honorable legislators, executives and judges and stick to doing their jobs instead of of doing us under?

    Oh, come on!

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    Concert performers do often give their political opinions, in some way or other, whether by speaking, singing, or both. It's par for the course, and goes with the territory.

    Or especially...

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    This one.

    From the bottom of the ocean
    to the mountains of the moon
    Won't you please come to Chicago
    No one else can take your place.


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    "Ohio" is a beautiful and strong, but eerie song, about a true, horrific incident. One of their best.

    That was rather awful, and the fact that the Ohio National Guard (whose members were poorly trained to begin with), had been deployed to cope with an extremely tense Union strike in Cleveland and then were immediately re-deployed to Kent State University to ostensibly calm things down and ended up killing and maiming about nine people, most of whom were either on their way to and from classes and not protesting (although the four people who were killed were part of the protest that the Ohio National Guard suppressed), definitely helped lead to this catastrophic incident.

    Also, the fact that that the United States, as a society and culture, has always revolved around and depended on firearms has brought about incidents such as the Kent State Killings, not to mention assassinations, people being gunned down in cold blood in many of our poorest urban areas, and more recently, mass-shootings that seem to be taking place every week. Our dependence on guns as a society and culture has really come home to roost, in more ways than one. The Kent State killings were just one incident of many of the incidents that indicate the net results of this gun dependency.

    No, Swirly, he does not.

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    Name calling, by anyone, is hurtful. I am as guilty as the next person, in this regard, but I am trying not to be.


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    And the tut-tutting by this fan was what, exactly? The essence of kindness? No, this is a case of someone playing the callout game for lols and having it blow up in their face. It's "hurtful" when you do that with a firecracker too, but who's to blame, you or the firecracker?

    Stupidest complain ever

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    Look, I get the fatigue with hearing celebrities’ political rants, but this isn’t some randomly drawn Baldwin. This is a guy who made his name singing political songs. Going to hear the guy and expecting no political talk is insane.


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    I don't know how anyone could listen to Crosby's music and expect to see a non-political show. Acts that came up in the Vietnam war era were political and their songs reflect it. If you don't want politics, stay away from anti-war protest icons.

    David Crosby saved untold lives

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    CSNY and Crosby in particular are patriots. Full stop.
    Their public and insistent protests against the Vietnam war saved untold American kids’ lives by helping to end that nightmare.

    We could still be over there feeding our young into the grist mill.

    Amazing musicians and better human beings.

    The nation owes them a debt of gratitude.


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    How many of your family were taken by the war in Vietnam?

    And how many people that you love have sacrificed their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan for...what, exactly?

    I need both hands to count those who served and whom I now personally mourn.

    We need more voices like David Crosby's to remind us that we can honor those who serve at the same time we condemn the craven politics that sacrifices them year after year.

    Political Band

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    I saw CSN in concert a few years ago, and by way of introducing the song "Chicago" Crosby said "some people say this band is too political. I say we're not political enough!", which drew quite a cheer from the crowd.

    Politics & Music

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    Then there are the Ted Nugent's of the world. Although the left-leaning are pretty clearly more numerous, politics in music is hardly one-sided.

    (I like both Nugent and CSN&Y, by the way. I get to do that, being a Libertarian.)


    I've always liked a lot of Glen Campbell's music,

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    and I'm more liberal. As crazy as it sounds, if I like a movie, or a rock group, or an actor/actress, or a musician, their political stands don't stop me from seeing that movie, going to that concert, or listening to the music that they sing/play.

    The fact that Glen Campbell's politics sucked (they were too far to the right for my tastes) has never stopped me from liking a lot of his music.

    Thank you, Mr. Crosby,

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    for potentially creating more Trump supporters.

    Look, as I have said before, calling anyone a "dummy" or even "snowflake", in regards to their political views, per example, is not going to win any fans to your arena. Whatever happened to "When they go low, we go high?" Come on, Mr. Crosby, you can do better.

    I do not want Trump for another four years. Can we, as the collective we, try to rise above the hateful name calling?

    (Interesting side note: There is such a thing as progressive deplorables. Twenty five percent of Hillary voters view blacks as being more lazy than whites, according to at least one poll. Are you surprised? I'm not.)


    Oh my!

    Gotta be nice when you screw people! Otherwise, it's those nasty poors getting uppity again!

    Convince whites that you are only going to screw the brown people while you screw everybody = bad. Screw everyone equally with a smile and a veneer of civility = good!

    Do as many UNcivil things as you want ... so long as you are "civil" about it! Superficiality Uberalles! You must be in marketing or HR.

    "creating more Trump supporters"

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    for potentially creating more Trump supporters

    Because these people have no agency whatsoever, to the point where hearing someone call someone else an asshole is going to make them support Trump. Right.


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    The term “snowflakes” are reserved by trolls on the right to describe trolls on the left like you Adam.

    I have to wonder

    I have to wonder why someone who thinks Adam is a troll bothers to visit his blog, let alone comment in it. Just what itch does doing that scratch?


    They best describe people who think that everyone not being exactly like them in skin tone and religious assertion is JUST SO UNFAIR.

    Like you.

    Kindergarten provided a lot of skills. Too bad you failed it.

    Trump won 30 states.

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    As they used to say at the dog track, Hillary was "no factor." LOL. Trump may rival Reagan with 49 states next time.


    With a little help from his KGB heroman.