Acela saved: MBTA, Amtrak resolve lawsuit over Northeast Corridor maintenance

The Boston Business Journal reports the T and Amtrak have resolved a legal beef that at one point led to Amtrak threatening to terminate Acela service north of Providence.

The Journal reports the T will pay Amtrak $20 million a year for Acela service. Amtrak had initially demanded $29 million a year.

The two rail operators had long had an agreement under which the T would pay for maintenance of tracks while Amtrak would handle dispatching - which gave its trains priority over commuter-rail trains.

The T sued last year when Amtrak began demanding payments similar to those made by other states along the Northeast Corridor from Boston to Virginia. In its suit, the T noted it was the only state to own the tracks in its segment of the corridor and pointed to the long-standing agreement. Amtrak said the T wasn't even paying its bills for maintaining the tracks.




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    Cheer up, kitty.

    Amtrak is going nowhere. Um, I mean, it's not gonna disappear.

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    They're privatize it but increase the public subsidizes fourfold.

    Too bad Keolis is French otherwise they'd be a shoe-in for the contract given their excellent management of the commuter rail.

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    but stop making fun of the leaves on the rail thing. Every city that has an intercity train system where deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall deals with delays due to "slippery rail." Only Boston complains about it.

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    I still don't get it

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    Why are we paying Amtrak if we own the track and do all the maintenance on it again ? I really don't get why the old agreement wouldn't just continue.

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    Adam, not sure if these are

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    Adam, not sure if these are your words or if they appeared in the suit, but this is incorrect:

    the T noted it was the only state to own the tracks in its segment of the corridor

    The State of Connecticut owns the tracks from New Haven to the NY border. Then the State of New York (specifically the MTA) owns the tracks from the NY/CT border to New Rochelle.

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