All hail the people's revolutionary subway cars

Chinese poster for new Boston subway cars

The MBTA reports a train-loving artist in China has prepared this work to honor the Chinese subway cars that will, if nothing goes wrong, start rolling out on the Orange and Red Lines over the next several years. The T adds that the Springfield assembly plant, where most of the cars will be built out of components shipped over from the People's Republic, opens for business today.



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    Boycott this artist!

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    Look at that stereotypical comic Asian portayal of a young white female, giant doe eyes and all!

    Lock him/her up with Dr Seuss!

    not to mention the red and orange lines don't stop at the Park Street church (which that appears to be)!


    Old South Meeting House?

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    The Orange Line entrances are adjacent and the platform runs beneath it.

    The person depicted is likely supposed to be Asian.


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    Looking at photos it's definitely Old North which has that arched window in the bell tower - which is nowhere near any T station - at least by Boston standards.


    The artist is likely expressing a degree of pride that it's the Chinese who have designed and built these cars that the Americas are so eager to get. Dr. Seuss was mocking the people in his drawings. Bit of a difference.

    Does that mean the lead car of every train

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    will have buzzsaws that can pop out to immediately cut any trees that fall on the right of way?

    Go Speed Charlie! Go!

    Come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea for the new D line cars they are building.


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    And even I'm not sure you really want to count on anything from Springfield.


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    I'd love a private capsule for my transit travels!

    Train loving Artists in China

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    Are much more talented than American graffiti artists who have defaced the orange and red lines.

    All of these comments are

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    All of these comments are making me LMFAO. Great comments and comedic entertainment

    I find it odd...

    that the picture depicts the Orange Line design that was first proposed by CNR in 2014, rather than the updated design by CRRC (a company which was created from a merger between CNR & CSR in China) one year later.

    IMAGE( 2014 CNR Design

    IMAGE( paint scheme via MBTA Survey for the 2015 CRRC Design

    Welcome China....

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    Why can't we just let China take over the entire MBTA operation?
    We'd have new trains, tracks, stations in a fraction of the time that it would take our transit agency to bring the system up to 21st century standards.
    I bet they'd even build us a high speed rail just for sh&ts and giggles.

    Have you

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    not seen Chinese dashcam videos?

    True menaing

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    M --- B --- T --- Anime