All the vehicles of the MBTA

The vehicles of the MBTA

Peter Dovak is a graphic designer and "lifelong transit nerd."

He's combined the two in posters showing the vehicles of North American transit systems, including our own MBTA.

Via Robert David Sullivan.



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      A nice effort

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      But he is mixing private carriers with the T's vehicles.

      The commuter rail pictures an HSP46 (2000 series) and F40 class (1000 series) locomotive. He left off the GP40 (1100 series) and MP36 (010 and 011) types.

      I think the buses are missing the newer CNG units as well.

      Yeah... even more transit nerdiness here. :-)

      Also the red line

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      didn't really have a difference on the 1600/1700s vs the 1800s - just pointing it out as they have the Type 7s & 8s represented. The biggest oversight is the Orange line - needs way more rust and holes in the bodies of the cars.

      Missing College Buses?

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      Interesting he has the "BUs" and the LMA Shuttle, but not the BC Shuttle buses. Space limitations I guess.


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      I was kinda shocked when I looked at suburban and rural buses and BC's shuttles weren't shown.

      He split NJ between NYC &

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      He split NJ between NYC & Philly, and got most of it (Newark Airport Monorail, RiverLine light rail) - but didn't include Newark City Subway and Hudson-Bergen Light Rail.