Alleged Juggalo with an ax taken into custody after demanding Kiss 108 play an Insane Clown Posse song

NBC Boston reports on the tense standoff between the axman and police - who eventually got him to surrender peacefully - in the Medford parking lot of the disco station, which tends not to play much horrorcore.

Smoochacha, who works in the same building, reports:

SO. No idea how that all started, we just suddenly got an email from the facilities guy telling us to not go out the back door due to "a police situation" in the parking lot... of course we all ran to the windows to watch because it's a Monday and we're bad people.

And then 24 police/state/SWAT/DHS vehicles and their many armed occupants later, a very drunk person got out and was arrested.

I can't believe that at one point he managed to get out with beer in hand, drink some, dodge a taser and/or beanbag, get back in, and close the damn window, AND a cop failed to smash open the window with a hammer, AND he sat there for like 90 min drinking more beer.

Oh also he called Kiss108 (in our building, same floor) requesting an ICP song about axes & when they didn't he tossed an axe out the window. Followed by a small portable shovel after a few minutes.

Video of the scene.



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Kiss 108 Fm Disco

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Kiss 108 Fm Disco
Simpler times
Founded by Sonny Jo White
Late 1970s Disco mixes on Friday and Saturday nights by Disco Vinny
Corporate giant Infinity broadcasting buys Kiss 108 during 1980s
It's all about money....

Sonny Jo and Disco Vinnie

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and the rest of the crew on KISS 108 were big in Boston in the day. The music on the radio, and the clubs that played the music attracted a multi racial, straight and gay audience. Somehow the name "disco" fell out of favor, but evolved into what is now called "dance music"

Many of us had a ton of fun in the day. RIP Sonny Jo and Vinnie.You are missed.

24 vehicles?

You know what? I'm not afraid enough of any single person where I need or want to have tax dollars pay for enough police where 24 vehicles can and do respond to it. Let's get real and start laying off full-time police officers.

Or you could do your job

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Or you could do your job without taking even more money from taxpayers. Cops are issuing fewer traffic tickets while the police budgets and car crash fatalities are going up.

I want to do more of my job.

And cutting full time positions in any job that requires shift work will create more overtime and more of a chance for me to work and serve you my lord master.


This all could have been avoided if they just played the damn song. Who listens to Kiss 108 anyway? /s

People who are trapped

in the kind of place that wants annoying background yammer, but hasn't sprung for the obligatory teevee blasting NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW all day long.

It's easy to spot them. Just utter the phrase "the best mix" and see who twitches.

Can't play ICP

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Good God man. Then the terrorists have won.


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>>Who listens to Kiss 108 anyway?

Oh, only over a million people every week....

And then when another violent

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And then when another violent incident takes place and they're aren't enough police to handle the situation? Will you decry the lack of foresight on the police as well?


I hooked up with a girl once who had vajazzled a butterfly. A female friend told me "if it looks like a disco ball, you may get Saturday Night Fever."

seems like he was depressed, not violent

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No, I wasn't there, but the NBC article goes into some detail. I think the cops gathered that this guy was in incredible pain and mostly a threat to himself. He was described by onlookers as "suffering a mental health crisis" and apparently told the cops they had to kill him. Unlike many cities, Boston tries not to encourage suicide-by-cop. .

Smoochacha is being a bit ignorant in their armchair quarterbacking here:

I can't believe that at one point he managed to get out with beer in hand, drink some, dodge a taser and/or beanbag, get back in, and close the damn window, AND a cop failed to smash open the window with a hammer, AND he sat there for like 90 min drinking more beer.

Sounds like they were trying to calm him down and not exacerbate a nervous breakdown. I imagine they were on the phone with a psychologist or therapist, if there wasn't one at the scene.

And look, in Worcester I lived next door to a triple decker literally filled with juggalos. I have paid my dues when it comes to mocking juggalos. But the juggalo-ness is incidental to the story here, and I hope this guy ends up in a hospital instead of prison.


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We'll always have Medford.

Freeform Radio

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In the golden age of late 60s/early 70s freeform radio this entire scene would have been unnecessary. Stations like the early, original WBCN and the forgotten-but-great WNTN would play ANYTHING you asked them to. 20 minute songs, album sides, you name it. You would call and the DJ would actually answer the phone. This clown would have heard his damn song and that would have been that.

I know there were other factors at play here, but I still like to remind of what radio once was like before it declined so drastically.


Some of us remember WNTN.

In the early 70s my brother and I were driving around over there and by the side of the road we saw a smashed open crate of record albums. We didn't know if they had been destined for the incinerator (same road) or the radio station.

Being teenagers, we stopped and grabbed the box and were very disappointed to discover that they were all copies of the same album. Thirty or so records that looked dreadful, and when we got home and played one it sounded even worse. There was a terrible photo of the band on the front of the record.

They were called "The Shaggs"

We handed some out to our friends and mocked the record endlessly and even memorized the worst song - "My Pal Foot-Foot".

Eventually the rest of the albums were thrown away or just lost.

(NOW I regret pitching them)

I know this is all irrelevant but I havent thought about WNTN in years. Memory lane.

The Shaggs!!!

The Shaggs are one of the weirdest bands in rock & roll history! They were a late-60s/early-70s all-girl proto-punk band from Fremont, NH, consisting of three sisters. Their dad took them out of school and forced them to start a band. They're like a cross between the Jacksons and the Cherry Sisters. They reunited last month for North Adams's Solid Sound festival.

Frank Zappa called The Shaggs "better than the Beatles."

Kurt Cobain listed the album you found (Philosophy of the World) as one of his favorites.

Not to add insult to injury, but first-run copies of that album have sold for for $10,000. Of the 1000 records in the original pressing, ~900 went missing, allegedly stolen by the album's producer.

Have you ever told this story to music journalists/historians or the surviving sisters themselves? Could help solve the mystery about whatever happened to those missing albums.

The father was a NH nut-job

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Who thought he would get rich by turning his kids into a "Monkees" like teen sensation.He wrote the songs and basically told the girls to play instruments without any kind of lessons. He put them in a studio himself, despite the advice of everyone else and paid to have the vinyl pressed.

This of course has lead to certain people like to think of them as great artists (discordance!). It was said that Cobain listened to them every day, until, you know. So not the best endorsement ever.

I feel like this has gone off track.


The only people that know that story are my brother and our friends from the time period.

It's interesting that it was a whole box of albums - if the Dad (or whoever) wanted them played on NTN one copy would have sufficed. Perhaps they were meant to be given away as promos. I once won a "punch-out" album on WNTN. It was "Greetings From Asbury Park". I kept that one. Still have it, even. Go figure.

I'd be happy to forward the tale along to whoever would care. And dang I'd have loved that sort of money but we can't drag everything into adulthood. There's a lot of things I would have saved and that broken box of Shaggs albums wouldn't have been anywhere near top of the list.

Hindsight etc of course.

for all my 'los and 'lettes

When I die, show no pity
Send my soul to Juggalo city.
Dig my grave six feet deep,
Then put two matches by my feet,
Put two hatchets on my chest,
And tell my homies I did my best.

If you have nothing else to do

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The video is pretty good. Even most of the commentary is witty. I'm glad that wasn't my company where I had to pay a room full of young people to look out the window for two hours being snarky.