Fire in basement of Allston restaurant goes to two alarms

Firefighters at Brighton and Harvard avenues in Allston

A fire in the basement of Buk Kyung 2 at the corner of Brighton and Harvard avenues around 8:50 p.m. emptied the restaurant and brought Boston firefighters rushing to the scene.

The Boston Fire Department reports no injuries and says the fire was declared knocked down around 9:30 p.m. Officials say the fire, sparked by a short circuit, caused an estimated $200,000 in damage.

The intersection was shut to let firefighters work. Traffic in the area gridlocked.




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Having a flashback ...

Maybe misremembering something ... didn't this block have a fire in the 90s that shut the roast beef place down for a while?

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Famous Fires of Harvard Ave

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The greek diner that used to be where @Union is lit up in the late 2000s. That might be what you're remembering.

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Across the street

I don't recall a fire at Riley's (not saying there wasn't, just honestly don't remember), but in any case Buk Kyung is across the street from that block.

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It's where 7stars restaurant

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It's where 7stars restaurant used to be. Across from rileys . Man I miss rileys.

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A few fires in the 2000s

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The ones I remember the most from when I worked in the area were the ones at Grecian Yearning (as referenced above where @Union is now) and one at Cafe Belo, in the strip mall that contained a Brooks Pharmacy across from The Silhouette.

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