Allston gets a new mural, this time on a bridge

Bridge mural

CORRECTION: Post updated to reflect the bridge was painted by a different crew than the one that did the Cambridge Street murals.

Ron Newman reports that days after the city wiped out murals on the building at Cambridge and Linden, another group was at work yesterday redecorating the nearby pedestrian bridge over the turnpike and train tracks.



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    Oh, good! Are they using the

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    Oh, good! Are they using the nice slick paint that shouldn't be used for deck work - the stuff that makes pedestrians slip and cause bike wipeouts?


    Yes, this is the same state DOT that never clears snow or ice from any of these footbridges, and the same one that already painted the bridge with a gray paint so slick they have to post slippery-when-wet warning signs. I'm sure they will be right on that.

    Whoever manages that property

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    Whoever manages that property will have to evaluate today or Monday.

    Anyone who uses that bridge knows that the state agency who manages the bridge painted it with slick paint that is dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists earlier this year. The local organization repainting it is fixing that problem.

    Don't worry though

    I'm sure some busybody will call the city anti-graffiti task force and have it painted over with slick grey paint before long.

    I went and took a look.

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    Looks like they're not done -- still masking tape laid out and many areas just roughed in so far. Appears to be spray paint for most areas, although the roughed-in parts might be with a roller. Doesn't seem any slicker than the gray paint that the city or state uses to cover graffiti, although it wasn't wet or iced at the time so I can't be sure.

    Here, I took some photos:

    (Edit: Changed URLs slightly.)

    Not slippery

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    I biked over the bridge on Saturday. I thought it might be slippery so I tested my brakes a few times. No complaints.

    I like it

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    I take that bridge frequently, and it's usually covered with crude tags or obscene scrawls. Sometimes there's some nice stuff, though -- poems or quotes or little drawing. I enjoy seeing those.

    A mural or two will be a nice change, because it will probably hold that space for a while and be something nice instead of gross stuff.

    I didn't say that. The vast

    I didn't say that. The vast majority of people that need to cross this bridge though are people who live in Lower Allston. It's not a particularly high traffic area.

    Why can't

    Why can't they paint on paper?

    Why can't you mind your own business?

    the city's authority

    1. Did the city provide a statement about "white washing" (grey, really) that mural? I'm quite certain they heard feedback.
    2. If it wasn't public property, what authority does the city have to suppress that expression? At the same time, the city may have the authority under the law to arrest the painter for vandalism (deface).

    Step 3
    Step 2
    Step 1


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    You missed the part where they were commissioned to paint those murals, I guess.

    I doubt it

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    DOT hardly likely to have commissioned someone to ruin the bridge surface.

    Uh, Allston Village Main

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    Uh, Allston Village Main Streets commissioned this and got approval.

    You live in the wrong part of A/B to know that DOT ruined the surface by painting it with a slick surface that caused pedestrians and cyclists to slip; this is fixing the problem caused by them.


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    Which DOT?

    MassDOT doesn't own any and all bridges.

    Get the scoop on the Bridge Mural

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    MassDOT was amazing enough to give us a permit so that we could commissioned a number of local artists to help realize the project. More information is available at

    Thanks for all your patience in the painting process and words of encouragement!

    Good news

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    I might have been a part of the chorus decrying the first mural we saw from you guys last week, but this should be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, judging from what I have read about some of the things painted on the bridge in times past. It will brighten a drab crossing and hopefully keep the bridge, em, family friendly.

    Keep up this good work!