Allston park to get major redo

Mayor Walsh and Harvard President Drew Faust get their ceremonial shovels out today to officially launch a $6.5-million upgrade of Smith Field that will include a street-hockey rink, a splash pond, new walking paths, an amphitheater for public performances and upgrades to the existing playground and playing fields.

The ceremony starts at 4 p.m. at the park off Western Avenue.



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    Keep your fingers crossed

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    that they do a better job than what the City did at the Medal of Honor Park in Southie. The ribbon cutting ceremony was a couple of months ago and the contractor is still not finished with the work. Trees are dead or dying, grass is not growing and continuing problems with the play structure and water feature. We got asphalt instead of concrete walkways.


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    inconsiderate dog owners let their dogs crap all over the park. even when signs clearly state no dogs.

    Tommy Butler Park

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    and dog park is awesome. The City should take a lesson from Massport on building parks. And yes, the lazy yuppies would rather let their dogs crap all over a Memorial Park, softball and Little League fields.


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    but Yuppies, Bros and Townies do not pick up after their dogs.


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    Any plans online of the final park? Just curious about the hockey rink. Right now it basically has no nets and busted up boards...but is still one of the better roller hockey parks in the city (sadly).

    Just curious how they're going to keep it up and make it public at the same time. Cambridge has a few rinks where the goals are cemented in and made of chainlink fencing (not great to run into but it is only a rec park). They seem to last well. They've had goals at Smith Field before but the damn soccer players steal them and drag them off into the field a million miles away. Most of the hockey players don't care because goalies don't show up that often (bit of a chicken and egg problem honestly) and without a goalie, you have to shoot at a bag or use a turned over Shaw's cart to make it challenging and so people aren't slapping shots from across the rink into a wide open net.

    So at Mckinney up the street

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    So at Mckinney up the street and across the pike, they made what they call a "Multi Sport Court," which they then painted for street hockey and cemented in these strange goal like things which are to tall and wide for hockey and to narrow for soccer and have to much space between the edges for either anyway.

    The other option is the guy who lives down the street and chains his $50 net to the side of the court and pulls it out when he is there.


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    I've never understood who designs something like that and thinks "I hear the kids like the sportsball stuff, so here's an average design based on all the possibilities so they can't play any of them correctly!".

    It's not like they put in movable barriers for the different dimensions needed...or even painted separate lines or left any way of expanding/resizing the goals. It's so bizarre.

    At Flagg on Mem Drive in Cambridge even though the rink is a bit too small for more than 3v3 and everything is chainlink without runners along the sides so the ball takes random bounces sometimes and the corners are square instead of least everything is dimensionally correct for hockey.


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    That's an acronym for Gracias.