Anti-Sessions protest on Thursday

The Keebler Elf General will be at the Moakley Courthouse tomorrow and so will protesters. The ACLU is organizing an Unwelcoming Party for Jeff Sessions, 2-4 p.m. on the sidewalk outside the courthouse.



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Is this your new news

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Is this your new news-gathering technique? "Probably [Adam makes stuff up]."

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BOSTON (AP) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions is heading to Boston to talk to law enforcement officials about transnational organized crime.

Sessions is expected to give remarks Thursday at the U.S. attorney’s office in the federal courthouse in Boston.

Targeting transnational gangs such as MS-13 has been a priority for Republican President Donald Trump’s administration. Sessions has called MS-13 and similar groups “one of the gravest threats to American safety.”

Well ...

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He goes a bit beyond just saying MS-13 is a problem; he's accusing sanctuary cities, like Boston, of helping MS-13.

This is, of course, despite evidence that, in fact, sanctuary cities have a role in fighting MS-13 because the gang's victims are more inclined to help investigations into it when they know the police won't slam them in the lockup to await ICE.

In fact, that strategy's worked pretty well right here in Boston and the suburbs where MS-13 operates - scroll down the MS-13 page here. Police in Boston, Chelsea, etc., were active participants in the crackdown.

Perfect? Hardly, but then it took the feds decades to basically wipe out the Mafia in Boston, too (and not without some controversy - as you'll recall, the FBI literally let Whitey Bulger get away with murder).

Yeah. Sure thing.

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Sessions has called MS-13 and similar groups “one of the gravest threats to American safety.”

After foreign interference in our elections on behalf of oligarchy, creeping police state fascism, climate change hazards, pollution killing thousands yearly, etc.

Yeah. Sure.

"Keebler Elf General"

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Making fun of ones physical appearance, how progressive and tolerant of you. Can we see photos of you from your modeling days.

You know what?

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My tolerance for people goes out the window when they start attacking others of race, nationality, language spoken, and what not. Which pretty much describes the entire Trump Administration.

It's open season on the Trump Administration now. It's clear they don't care about our feelings, why should we care about theirs? fuck'em.


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He shall be known only as "Beauregard".