Any genius Asian women at MIT willing to part with an egg?

Genius, Asian egg donor sought at MIT - ad in the MIT Tech

A friend couldn't help but notice this ad in the March 23 issue of MIT's student paper, the Tech.



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Is it too early

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to call child protective services on behalf of the kid they end up having?

Must be willing ...

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To wear red robes with a hood and only travel in pairs.

Orientation provided!

Why the sarcasm? If you're

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Why the sarcasm? If you're infertile and need an egg donor, what's wrong with trying to attract a donor with desirable traits?

For decades

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I think I remember egg-donor-wanted ads from university newspapers and alumni magazines maybe 20 years ago.

Not really seeing much

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Not really seeing much sarcasm here.

But the real humor is that a Cal Tech alum would come to MIT to seek out a genius. Some pretty strong rivalry there.

Putting aside all the issues

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Putting aside all the issues with this ad, I think it makes sense for people with a Caltech connection to look for an MIT donor, and vice versa. That way you get the type of donor you're looking for, but they're across the country so you don't run into them every week at the supermarket.

Is this unusual?

The female half of the couple is Asian, presumably well educated. I assume most couples looking for a sperm or egg donor have specific genetic and social criteria to get a child that matches their own profile.

There are some unusual

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There are some unusual features here. It's not clear to me why this couple isn't working directly with a clinic, since many of those have catalogs of women willing/able to be egg donors, pre-screened for known genetic issues. It's also pretty unusual for people who are actually from Asia (or descended from people who are) to think of "Asian" as any kind of single genetic thing, such that Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese are all functionally the same thing to them.

The profile this couple is looking for - top of her class at a leading engineering school, several awards, etc. - is pretty rare to find in an egg donor, if only because those people tend to be busy. Spending a month sticking herself with needles, dealing with hormonal side effects, and having minor surgery is unlikely to be an attractive option to a high-performing MIT student, even for twenty grand. A summer internship at Facebook pays more, and doesn't carry a risk of stroke.

Very well-written. Donating

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Very well-written. Donating an egg is not a walk in a park, not even a hike in the Blue Hills. It involves needles and some nasty chemicals.

I think this is below market

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I think this is below market for an egg donation

Also it sounds like it was written by aliens

There was also this response

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There was also this response the LAST time he posted in the Tech

Which includes:

According to the U.S. Tax Court, Will Naylor heads an organization which donates his sperm free of charge to recipients of his choice. To quote the Tax Court records regarding Will Naylor’s organization, “Preference is given to women ‘with better education’ and no record of divorce, domestic violence, or ‘difficult fertility histories’ and are from families ‘whose members have a track record of contributing to their communities’; who are in ‘a traditional marriage situation’; who are under age 37; who are ethnic minorities.’”



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If you read his information on his donor web site, William N. indicates that he already has "4 health children". Although this ad seems to be written by the person looking for a donor, is it possible William N is acting as a broker and wrote it on behalf of another couple??

An issue of past behavior

William N. is well known to be suspect in his approach to these issues and probably isn't someone that you would want to do business with in any way.

There is also the possible scam issue.

The same guy has apparently

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The same guy has apparently posted the same ad, word for word, at various times for years. I've found references as far back as '99. (The amount of money on offer varies.) The ad is in violation of standards for the ASRM - a reputable clinic would have problems working with a donor recruited this way.

The odds are against William N. spending the last twenty years, give or take, finding American/Chinese couple who all want exactly the same thing in an egg donor. Whatever that dude is actually looking for, the ad itself is a scam.

Dear Sir,

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Dear Sir,

In response to your advert I regret to inform you that because your wife has achieved only a "good PhD level", no one at MIT is willing to settle for a mother of such standards. May I suggest you advertise at Northeastern.


The Scholarly Elite

Dear Sir: I don’t quite fit

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Dear Sir: I don’t quite fit the profile. I am not Asian, a little older, graduated in the lower half of a school you’ve likely never heard off, and I have no eggs –But that’s only because I ain’t a female; there is nothing wrong with me otherwise. If you are still interested, please let me know; I’ll happily contribute the, ahem, other stuff at a much lower rate.