With any luck, one of the stores at South Bay will have this on video

Vandalized car

Ndorb reports that in addition to the shrink wrapping and partial tree, this car parked outside the Old Navy at the South Bay Mall had also been egged.



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Ndorb also reports

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in his twitter conversation that

I've seen a shrink-wrapped car done by home depot employees, but this was different


I would not worry about this

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It's probably a teen employee's car. When I was a teenager, we'd use our work breaks to do crap to each other's cars. Gift wrap, post-it notes, tin foil, windshield wipers pointing up.

I worked at a building

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I worked at a building complex in Quincy. It had about 8 parking lots and two parking garages. We would take each others keys and move the car to different lots!

Looks like a prank

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Looks like a prank but would be good to block out the license plate number


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What good does the plate number do anybody? I can go outside right now and get dozens, dozens of 'em!


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You gonna search the DMV records? I see thousands of plates a day and unless someone has an unusual obsession with hunting down people by license plates inadvertently posted online, all else being equal, anyone else is just as likely to be a target.

Not a crime

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That's a longstanding Home Depot tradition. employees leaving a store get their car shrink wrapped. This one had tree branches and a bit of cake they got for the person leaving. There were no eggs and the cake was placed on the plastic.