Apartments for the elderly on Chestnut Hill Avenue in Brighton win approval

132 Chestnut Hill Ave. proposal

Architect's rendering

The Board of Appeal yesterday approved plans by Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly to replace a condemned house at 132 Chestnut Hill Ave. with 61 affordable apartments for the elderly - with 7 set aside for people who have been homeless for a long time.

The new building, next to the fire house, will be connected to an existing JCHE project to the rear via a pedestrian bridge.

The project was supported by city and state officials. No one spoke against it at a board hearing yesterday.

132 Chestnut Hill Ave. project-notification form (40M PDF).



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Why are all these new buildings so lousy looking?

Architechture is Subjective

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I happen to like the look of the building, so long as it is using masonry panels and not "Greenfell", scary, flammable panels.

I agree - we're going to

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I agree - we're going to regret the aesthetic of these structures sooner than expected. It just looks really cheap....

Why do you think?

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If you keep production costs down, the length of time until you profit decreases.

Simple construction, cheap materials, templated processes...tada.

JCHE is a non-profit and this

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JCHE is a non-profit and this is affordable housing, which tries as much as humanly possible to produce housing in the most cost-effective way. There isn't any attempt to "maximize profit" on this project.

Thank you!

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It's been driving us nuts trying to figure out what's going on with that property.