Baby names in the top 1000 last year that are also places in Massachusetts

List compiled by Greta Gaffin:

For boys:

  • Lincoln
  • Hudson
  • Easton
  • Everett
  • Weston
  • Kingston
  • Spencer
  • Holden
  • Dalton
  • Warren
  • Russell
  • Princeton
  • Franklin
  • Sterling
  • Heath
  • Paxton
  • Otis
  • Lawrence
  • Dennis
  • Douglas
  • Quincy
  • Boston
  • Lee
  • Sutton

For girls:

  • Holland
  • Sharon
  • Chelsea
  • Hadley
  • Bristol
  • Sutton

What do you think will be next? I would be unsurprised to see Ashby, Aquinnah, Canton, Leyden, Mendon, Palmer, Rowley, Tolland, Salem and Swansea.




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      Waiting for all the mutant spellings on that one, just like Michaela got morphed into Mikkkayylahh and Meekaylya and Miq'allah and other things suitable for space aliens.

      Akweenah? Acqinuh? Ahkuinaaaa?


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      No Athol?!


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      There are already plenty of Athols out there.

      Beckett is on the list

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      But since the spelling is different, I didn't include it. There's also Lennox, for both boys and girls.


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      Is also unisex.


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      a friend of mine named his kid Aquinnah but everyone insists on calling her Gay Head which makes a lot of the immature kids giggle.


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      I've thought about and had my heart set for years in naming a future daughter Aquinnah my family goes way back on you got me thinking twice! :(

      But it is a PLACE is it not ;

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      But it is a PLACE is it not ;)

      I think it would be interesting if we added neighborhoods as well as universities/colleges.

      Logan is a place

      A major international airport is definitely a place.

      At 3.725 square miles, it is bigger than about a third of Massachusetts municipalities.

      Popular names in the 1940s

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      Names from the 1940s list included these places:
      Wendell (boys)
      Milton (boys)
      Chester (boys)
      Marion (boys and girls)
      Lynn (boys and girls)
      Shirley (girls)
      Beverly (girls)


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      As was

      Dennis, Lawrence, Douglas, Russell, Franklin, Warren, Everett, Lowell, Otis, Clinton, Randolph, Spencer, Maynard, Sterling, Monroe, Milford, Dudley, Dalton, Lincoln, Alford, Palmer, Newton, Lincoln, Wayland, and Weston for boys. Oh, and Shirley, Beverly, and Sharon for boys too. Also, Lee for girls and boys.

      With an honorary mention to Bradford (boys), annexed to Haverhill in 1897, and Dana (both), destroyed for the Quabbin in 1933.

      My question

      Did you derive this list by looking down the list of the 1000 most popular names from the SSA and picking out names you knew were also places in Massachusetts, or did you download two lists, import them to a db, and run a join query?

      If you hate your kid

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      you'd name it Rehoboth. Sheer torture in spelling and pronouncement for a lifetime.

      In his house at R'lyeh...

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      And everyone will think s/he is an Eldritch God, which could be a plus or a minus, depending.


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      Don't forget Lowell..



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      Orange stayed outside, ignoring the dinner bell.


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      I do know people personally who don't fit this stereotype, but whenever I see a baby list like this, I picture yuppies with comic social pretentions, looking for posh-sounding names for their kids in the belief that this will somehow distinguish them. And then you get what I saw more than once at a resort ski school checkin desk:

      Proud parent: This is Liam!

      Tactful employee: That's great! We have a few Liams today, what's your last name?

      Proud parent: *deflate*

      Kid naming is a no-win game

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      My wife tells the story of a family that was so afraid of their kid being made fun of because of his name that they chose the most generic name possible, "John Smith."

      And in the end, all the kids called him, "John Tits."

      I don't think...

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      And in the end, all the kids called him, "John Tits."

      I don't think that was because of his name.

      You missed

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      my cousin Sagamore, and his twin sister Bourne. Yes, their last name is Bridges. It's not a very imaginative family.