Banana guy seeks apeeling, a-cooking and a-cleaning wife in Dewey Square

Banana guy in Dewey Square seeks wife

With Keytar Bear playing in the background, Jed Hresko noticed the Dewey Square fruit guy had a new sign up today. Looks aren't important, but you'll need to care and cook for him and, oh, no lip, please:

Dewey Square seeks wife, fat OK, but no lip



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Go get 'im ladies!

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What a catch!

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Math is hard

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"I was married once, divorced four times."

I'm not quite sure that's how it works.

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I think he is using "once" as in...

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I was married once upon a time and each marriage ended in divorce. Not the best written sentence, but I think that is what he was aiming for. Or, perhaps, he was only married once to the same person and divorced four times.

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Maybe he divorced once, and

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Maybe he divorced once, and the other three wives died.

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