BFD: Recent Hyde Park house fires not connected

Wednesday's fire at 66 Neponset Ave. in Hyde Park was caused by a short circuit in a first-floor rear bedroom, a Boston Fire Department spokesman said today.

It's the latest in a string of house fires in the neighborhood since February, but all have different causes that are not connected, including short circuits, improper disposal of smoking material and, in one case, an incense candle, spokesman Steve MacDonald said.

Fire investigators are, however, continuing to try to figure out the cause of a Feb. 12 fire on Walter Street that destroyed six charter buses.




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It was the Smiley Face Arsonist.

I connect the dots that the BFD refuses to connect in my blog.


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Yeah, I should be better than that.

I think

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They're talking about you, Adam.

Not that I don't like getting reports of fires- one struck a house on my usual running route while I was on vacation and I missed it- but you did seem to be hinting that there was something going on. You weren't saying it, and you might not even been consciously doing it, but if you take a look at some of what you wrote, there appears to be an undercurrent that malfeasance is afoot in the 02136.

Maybe, maybe not

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The Boston Fire Department did not issue a statement. After I wrote up yesterday's fire, I sent e-mail to Steve MacDonald asking if there was anything connecting the fires. That's when he said no and explained why. I mean, it is odd that Hyde Park has had so many fires in such a short period of time, and I'm not the only one who's noticed it, and it's worthy of note - as is the explanation that, hey, sometimes you just run into a bad streak of luck like that.

A ha

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So you did a bit of probing and reported on what you found. Good job.