O'Really? Yes, really: Bill-o's rise to infamy started in Boston

A young Bill O'Reilly and Natalie Jacobson WCVB 1986

The now former Fox bloviator got his start at the Boston Phoenix (yep), where, in 1974, he covered a talk by the director of The Devil in Miss Jones.



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    News anchor too

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    But I don't recall which ine.

    Pointless comment of the day

    I had friends who worked in production when he was at the local. They all report he was a real jerk even then -- the type of person you'd duck into an office to avoid if you saw him walking your way.

    He also got his Graduate degree from BU College of Communication.

    Don't forget he even got a

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    Don't forget he even got a degree from Harvard - that place that he loved to hate on as the breeding ground for liberal elites. Also as someone who spent so much time in Boston he made some pretty shitty comments after the bombings at the marathon.

    The Big O

    was shambling around the tailgate area at the Harvard-Yale Game when it was in Cambridge year before last and was carrying a huge Coop shopping bag which seemed to be full of Harvard stuff. He was alone and looked pretty shabby. No one went up to him until a WFXT camera crew showed up. He held the bag behind his back while the camera was running.

    As for Howard Stern, He and O'R were at BU at the same time & in the same program. I had friends who were in Theater Arts then and remember them clearly because they were two of the tallest people on campus.

    Howard Stern too

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    A little remembered fact us that Howard Stern, who also went to the BU School of Communication, got his start at as a music dj at a Boston radio station. The late, great WNTN, which was even hipper than the old WBCN when BCN was good. I remember hearing him back then, and, truth be told, his emerging comic style didn't really fit in among all the laid back high-on-pot style djs of the era. I believe WNTN still exists in some capacity, but, tiny though it was, it was unbeatable in the early to mid 70s for playing cool music.

    He'll still make millions somewhere

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    Nice gesture. Ultimately pretty empty as far as impact on him personally goes. Any chance Fox is turning the corner to being an unbia....lmao. Never mind.

    The tide has turned on Bill O

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    The tide has turned on Bill O'Reilly. Of course Bill famously thinks that only god, not science, can explain why tides go in and out. I guess he has never heard of the moon. Another conservative who slept through science class.

    He knew his audience

    Who knows what he personally believes. He played his audience like a fiddle and got rich in the process, much like many of the conservative media personalities.

    Tucker Carlson taking his

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    Tucker Carlson taking his slot on Fox will be perfect anyway.

    O'reilly will likely get his own independent show going..
    All claims had no substance. Only fox was losing advertising money and made a financial choice.

    Can you say Rachel Maddow?

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    Playing the audience like a fiddle is a two way street. Won't watch Fox or MSNBC. CNN and network all perfectly fine if you want real fair and balanced. Editorial may be left leaning, but the news is pretty straight up.

    Money talks,

    and pussy-grabbing bullshit walks -- once in a great while. Fox only started caring about their obscenely sexist office culture once it hit them in the wallet, put their UK deal for Sky at risk.

    With any luck, it'll be a national trend. I remain guardedly hopeful. Fame isn't a license to be an exploitative pig with women. Looking at you, Mr. President. Never mind your sordid past: from a policy perspective on women's rights, someone ought to be trailing you, banging a bell and crying, "Shame!"

    Poor Melania. She made her bed, but I still pity her. I have New York friends who knew her when she first started dating Trump, and by their account, she was a sweet, lovely person. What fresh hell that must be.


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    Not mentioned in the comments (up to now), was that he also worked at Channel 7 when it was WNEV, in the 1980's.

    Maybe his buddy Glenn Beck will hire him...