A bit of a flyover this morning

Mike watched those jets that flew overhead shortly before 10 a.m.



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I saw three of your dead brethren on the side of the road yesterday. Appears they met their demise going all Top Gun trying to buzz passing cars and the last thing going through their mind was some poor schmoes windshield.

Please tell your fearless feathered friends to fly a few feet higher when crossing the highway. Or is kamikaze-dom now a part of your strategy?


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Way too loud!

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Everything in my apartment shook. A waste of taxpayer money to show off military toys.

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Debatable, but...

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The planes need to do test flights/exercises/pilots-loggin-hours etc., so they don't necessarily rack up extra tax $ just for these flyovers.

But...they also don't need to buzz people's apartments, so you do have a point with that.

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