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Seaport chapel torn down

Chris Walton took one last look at the old Our Lady of Good Voyage chapel on Northern Avenue, torn down today several months after the replacement chapel went up. A developer moved the chapel to make way for one of those Seaport developments.



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Hell doesn't exist but the

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Hell doesn't exist but the need for housing does. I look forward to more churches becoming tax paying buildings containing condos or restaurants.

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I know right? When will

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I know right? When will people do exactly as we say, think, feel, believe etc. Then and only then will this be a perfect world.

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You know they built a new church, right?

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I know they have the new

I know they have the new chapel down the street but that picture made me sad. I'd often go to the 7:00 (or the 8:00) Mass on Sunday night then meet friends in town for typical young adult fun in town. (That was back in the day that Monday morning didn't seem to come so fast after drinking)

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Bon voyage!

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edit - legit missed the damn title of the article

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our lady of the voyage

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This is one of the saddest things ever. An historic monument in the Seaport destroyed for a 30 year old developer to build more condos for more young business people to live in who do not care about anything historic or beautiful. There are even any trees in the seaport now- it is a horrid place devoid of culture and nature with endless skyscrapers and expensive shitty restaurants. They didn't even try to save or archive the old icons, staues and homages to the Italian and Irish immigrant fishermen and women who lived and died there. Pathetic.

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a few points....

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a few points....

1. "historic monument .... destroyed"... "people who don't care" etc....

I'm sorry, I missed the part where you anonymously offered to underwrite the old

2. "beautiful"?

I had been in the old one a few times, and have been in the new. The old was not an aesthetic masterpiece. It was a plain, functional setting with some nice fittings. The new is beautiful, a definite upgrade.

3. "They didn't even try to save or archive..."

Source, please.

They've got unfortunate experience with closing church buildings. They save or redistribute anything that can be moved, especially statues. Unless it's windows too fragile to be removed or something built into the wall that just can't be separated - they save it. Read the brochure one of the others linked - it describes all the beautiful salvaged stuff from several old churches they used to outfit the new chapel.

4. Trees

Oh, please! The Seaport was a barren slab for decades. The only trees here and there were ones planted for landscaping/beautification by those developers you despise.

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