Boston firefighter put on leave because of social-media posts

WCVB reports one of the posts involved "involved a cartoon man carrying a decapitated head with the caption 'Nat Turner's slave rebellion.' " A police officer now stands guard outside BFD headquarters just in case.



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    Paid leave, hopefully

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    Pending a full investigation.

    Tough call. Most of me agrees that if he is doing this on his own time and not threatening people, it’s free speech. A tiny part of me, though, swaps the races an ponders if he’d get a reasonable doubt on the posting (the whole “not threatening people” thing also in play.)


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    SOMEONE PLEASE POST THE LINK, I would love to see what's in his mind.




    Nat Turner's Rebellion (also known as the Southampton Insurrection) was a slave rebellion that took place in Southampton County, Virginia, during August 1831. Led by Nat Turner, rebel slaves killed from 55 to 65 people, the largest and deadliest slave uprising in U.S. history. The rebellion was put down within a few days, but Turner survived in hiding for more than two months afterwards. The rebellion was effectively suppressed at Belmont Plantation on the morning of August 23, 1831.

    There was widespread fear in the aftermath of the rebellion, and white militias organized in retaliation against the slaves. The state executed 56 slaves accused of being part of the rebellion. In the frenzy, many non-participant slaves were punished. Approximately 120 slaves and free African Americans were murdered by militias and mobs in the area. Across the South, state legislatures passed new laws prohibiting education of slaves and free black people,restricting rights of assembly and other civil rights for free black people, and requiring white ministers to be present at all worship services.