Boston gets some international press


I think you have the wrong person

Domingos DaRosa said during the At-Large Forum (second half) at English High School

“Long Island was closed because of a bridge, that was the excuse was fed to us… So why not use Ferries instead of buses or vans.”


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Are you writing a check?

how are policies funded? by the people who post comments?

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I know it's hard to understand that when you run for a government office and take a policy position sometimes you have the authority to approve the expenditure and sometime you have to get others on board to get the expenditure approved.

In retrospect Long Island seems a much better place for homeless (5,500 beds) and recovery services than Melnea Cass and Southampton St, and Menino a much better mayor

Ferry + ambulance

I think one of the issues is that there needs to be ambulance service to the shelter so there would have to be a marine ambulance stationed there as well.

Ambulance service

Don't the Harbor Islands already have sufficient ambulance coverage? Thousands of tourists visit them every week during warm-weather months. Surely some of them occasionally suffer strokes or heart attacks, or break limbs, or run into wasp nests, or have to be rescued out of the water by lifeguards or the Coast Guard.