Boston neighborhoods for the kids

Boston neighborhood Snapchat filters

A couple of days ago, the Boston Department of Innovation and Technology released a series of Snapchat "filters," because those are all the rage with the kids these days. The idea isn't to make your nose look like the Bunker Hill Monument (although that would be kind of cool), but to let Snapchat users sort of watermark their photos with an icon representing their 'hood.

East Boston residents must love having their existence summed up as the Logan control tower. And Roslindale residents must love that their neighborhood is represented by the entrance to Forest Hills Cemetery, which is in Jamaica Plain.

H/t Kevin Levin for IDing the Roslindale symbol that didn't look like anything in Roslindale.



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      No Fenway? Or Chinatown? Or

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      No Fenway? Or Chinatown? Or South Boston? Or Roxbury? Or......

      City really should have made them for ALL neighborhoods before releasing them.

      What was that loud thud?

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      Oh, it was this idea falling flat.

      To be fair, some of the images are good (Roxbury, Beacon Hill, Mission Hill, and part of Charlestown) but what the heck is the Hyde Park image? Did the creator ask what Hyde Park is known for and was told "people live in houses?"

      But hey, now Roslindale gets to claim Forest Hills Cemetery, so something good came out of this. Same JP didn't get that one, since it is more iconic than Blessed Sacrament if you ask me.

      Now if I were in charge ...

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      I would've gone with the neon Simco hot dog that looks like it has an elephant's head on American Legion. But maybe that's why it's a good thing I'm not in charge.


      Isn't that Mattapan, not Roslindale? It is probably the most famous thing in Mattapan.

      What is Hyde Park known for?

      Other than "gateway to West Roxbury"?

      Google Image search gives me several views of an interesting big stone church, a street scene with a clock that could be in Newton or Milton or Dedham, and one of the "welcome to" signs as top hits.

      The Fontaine's Chicken would have been excellent for West Roxbury, but the place is sadly long gone:

      Home of the 54th

      Home of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Camp Meigs where many Mass Units trained and shipped out to the Civil War, and a Civil War memorial.
      Early mills and industrial sites
      Harness and stock car racing
      ...And, of course, Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream and Bowling

      And let's not forget ...

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      Stony Brook Reservation (granted, shared with West Roxbury), the Readville train yard/station/tracks, Tom Menino (as memorialized in roughly 2,000 separate buildings named after him), the Dell Avenue Rock (that is some rock!) and, of course, that house on Hyde Park Avenue whose occupants always go gloriously overboard with giant inflatables and lights for every major holiday.

      Motion to put Adam in charge

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      of any future neighborhood iconography projects. (I don't use the Snapchat like the kids these days, but I would abuse the hell out of any photo enhancement tool that let me put that house on as a border)

      She's not wrong, you know

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      Depending on where you are in Hyde Park, it is, indeed the gateway to West Roxbury, via the forest. And given the backups at the four-way stop during rush hour (even when the MWRA isn't busy laying pipe in the forest), I'm going to bet a lot of people use it just that way.

      Maybe 20 years ago

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      But with median prices in Roslindale exceeding those in West Roxbury these days, not so much now.

      What Chaosjake said

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      Imagewise, I would go with Logan Square. I can't find a good photo with a quick search, but I would go with either the clock, the community center, the perpetual Christmas Tree, or a combination of the 3 for an image. Well, honestly I'd go with an image of one of the old industrial buildings like in the Westinghouse center, but I cannot say that's a good image for everyone, so Logan Square it is.

      That's a side-by-side

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      Hyde Park duplex, on-par with the Dorchester three-decker they drew. Both neighborhoods have lots of recognizable landmarks but I'm not sure they'd make better low-resolution neighborhood "watermarks".


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      It already has a symbol that is widely recognized and could easily be iconified - the gas tank.


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      Is it considered part of Dorchester or something? As a former resident of 02126 (although I considered where I lived actually part of Lower Mills) I think Mattapan should get Simco's.


      Yeah, that would be an issue

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      But the Mattapan Simco's would be represented by that ice-cream cone that hasn't been repainted since, what, 1961? The elephant-head hot dog is at the Roslindale outlet.

      Your tax dollars

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      promoting some company's service rather than open standards.

      Woah, boy.

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      This idea is SCREAMING for a parody.

      My graphic design experience ended with a KoalaPad so have at it, kiddos.

      I think it's funny ...

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      That Allston got the Harvard stadium, given that Harvard is pushing out the older residents so they can buy up the real estate.

      To be fair

      The alternative was a icon of a couch on the sidewalk and/or a pile of highlife cans. /s

      Swing and a miss

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      For historical accuracy the West End should actually be a bulldozer and wrecking ball...

      Southie would've been so easy; Castle Island, the Heights monument, overpriced pub food, Bud light, take your pick.

      It was a neighborhood

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      until the BRA destroyed it like they are doing to South Boston. With Mahty's approval I may add.

      Not a useless idea at all

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      Why shouldn't the city be trying to reach residents where they congregate? They've got that converted food truck that brings city services to neighborhood events. This is just a different type of outreach, to people who "live" in a particular online community. As somebody mentioned above, yes, it would've been good for them to talk to actual residents first, but give 'em points for trying, at least.

      How much was spent?

      This cost about as much to make as a cop working a 2 hour detail. This is pretty low down on the "waste of money" scale for Boston.

      Civil War monument in JP

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      I've always seen the civil war monument as the human built public object most identifiable with JP.

      ...and for JP, they picked a

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      ...and for JP, they picked a pretty good landmark - site of one of the most extremely screwed up examples of church closing and property redevelopment.

      An interesting question

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      Is it better to have a stupid image as a symbol for your neighborhood or to be left out?

      I suppose they could have gone with the West Roxbury District Court, which I imagine would offend West Roxbury residents on so many levels.

      Never new there was a

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      Never new there was a neighborhood called, "Bay Village". I learned something today!