Box truck storrows real good on Soldiers Field Road; car behind then hits truck

Storrowed truck on Soldiers Field Road

JMac captured the aftermath of the storrowing at North Harvard Street this morning.

JGoodell gives us another view. And look: Video of the truck driver trying to move his roof off the roadway.

And it turned into a classic Boston tableau: A storrowed truck and a couple of iced coffees from Dunkin' Donuts:



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Hopefully it was a buddy

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Here's to hoping the person driving behind the truck was a buddy.

Because if you're driving too close to a truck on Soldiers Field Road, you really are a special kind of stupid. The kind that has buddies who drive trucks on Soldiers Field Road.


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"Dude, stop! You need to stop!"




If one driving any kind of a vehicle drives too close

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to another vehicle, whether it be a truck or another car, or other vehicle, they're a special kind of stupid....a stupid that's way beyond stupid! The driver of the "Storrowed" truck was stupid enough as it is, but the driver of the car (especially if he was using his cellphone while driving) was just as stupid, imho. Stupid is as stupid does, as the saying goes.

Or not.

Using a cell phone is stupid, but the reality is cars do follow other cars and trucks too closely.
If that truck hits the bridge, he went from 25-30 mph to zero in what, ten feet? That's airbag deployment territory.
Car behind it has to have cat-like reflexes and super brakes. Oh, and you still won't stop in time.


bet the person driving that car learned real quick why you don't fuck with your cellphone when you're driving

I feel like you shouldn't be

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I feel like you shouldn't be allowed back at any Dunkin' Donuts if you have been part of a Storrowing. Like that goes as part of the citation by the MSP that you lose your right to DD.

Why don't they dig down a

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Why don't they dig down a couple more feet to make the underpasses low enough that this doesn't keep on happening? You'd think after all these years it would have occurred to someone that Storrow Drive is just plain badly engineered.