Boylston Street to get another 'healthy' restaurant

The Board of Appeal yesterday approved plans to turn a former candy shop into a Mediterranean appetizer place on Boylston Street.

Cava Mezze Grill will replace the closed Sugar Heaven at 667 Boylston St. and add 16 outdoor patio seats.

The new restaurant is "a healthy food alternative with a Mediterranean kind of style to it, if you will," its attorney, Dennis Quilty told the board. "It's very popular around the country."

The mayor's office supported the proposal. The Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay, which never formally supports anything, did not oppose it.



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oh boy

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Well we need healthy... we have to balance out all the burger places that keep opening.

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I want Candy.

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Another Victim of a Perv

Not making this up. Annabelle from BWW was "discovered" as a 13 year old working in my uncle's dry cleaning shop in London.

Malcolm McLaren, known fiend, was in hid mid-30's and was hitting on her. These ages seem familiar as the news this week, no?

He then took her looks, which were for even London striking and paired here up with the members of the Ants when Adam Ant broke away on his own.

Two or three other good hits from them. She's only 51 now and still hits the road.

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Healthy by fast food chain standards, maybe. Bummer

about the potential brand confusion by this national chain at the expense of Kava in the South End, a very fine indie restaurant.

Cava already has three other locations planned in Greater Boston: Fenway, Dedham, Hingham.

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That's 3 on that stretch, plus

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That area has 2 semi-new restaurants, Verts and Dig-Inn, that seem to have similar 'fast health' menus. Plus b.Good nearby.

I think 'fast healthy' is the new fro-yo.

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Now I'm going to have to go all the way to Assembly Row to satisfy my addiction to exotic gummies.

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Funny you should mention that

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Funny you should mention that, the other day my coworker brought in some delcious rosé gummies from Sugarfina in the Pru. Maybe try there before trekking to Assembly.

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