Boylston Street station has issues with power; think it will be fixed within the hour?

UPDATE: And the answer is NO. The Green Line is a mess - no service at all between Arlington and Government Center, due to a small tunnel fire that forced passengers to leave trains and walk the tracks to the nearest stop. At least one person taken to the hospital from Park Street.

The MBTA reports "moderate" delays on the Green Line due to a "power problem" at Boylston.



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Moderate Delays?

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Passengers had to evacuate trains and walk through tunnels that are hotter than Hades. I suppose it could be worse I just returned from San Francisco and BART is getting crucified for refusing to release videos of teenage gangs robbing passengers.

Did You See San Andreas!?!

You are lucky you weren't killed in SF by all that bad stuff, like the earthquake, fire, and tsunami.

It could be worse, yes. Things happen with a 120 year old subway. Life is not perfect and tunnels are generally not at 68 degrees and 40% humidity on a day like today. Things sometimes break. Ask the T for your $2.50 back and move on with life.

Too muggy for a lecture

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It's muggy out, and this really sucks for people stuck on the Green Line. Will you please let people vent, and spare us the lecture from your high horse? Thanks!

In fairness to Adam

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the situation apparently escalated from minor to severe to service suspended pretty quickly. And the T's practice of immediately sending out alerts before knowing the full extent of the problem didn't help matters either.

As for your idiotic rant demanding that a transit agency release evidence of criminal activity to the public because the public pays for the system and has a "right to know", that is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the matter at hand.


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And here we have one of the perils of being a one-person Mobile Action News Unit: After the T tweeted out the "power" problem, I posted my inane rhyme, then went out with Ms. Jr. Mobile Action News Unit to take a look at a couple of murals being painted in Roslindale. We then headed to one of our remote bureaus (OK, the West Roxbury McDonald's) to post my photos from those - blissfully unaware of the hell breaking out 'neath the streets of Boston - at least until I fired up my Twitter client to find people asking me about the copters circling the Common (there to video the sodden hordes fleeing the Green Line at Park). If only I'd waited a little longer to go look at the murals ...

Fed Up

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Walking through a humid tunnel as I call to postpone a meeting. I'm done. Governor Baker, fire Stephanie Pollack, pull the Green Line Extension, and put any and all money into existing liabilities: current infrastructure, pensions, workforce. It was her job to fix this. Scott was pushed out for far less. Today is not an anomaly, its a typical humid day in Boston

One problem with that

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- as many people on here and elsewhere have informed me when I make that suggestion - is the fact that the MBTA, as with ALL transit agencies, is unduly restricted as to how they can prioritize and spend the money they receive. They spend money on expensive projects like GLX and needless projects like blanketing the system with needless cameras - or purchasing a totally uneccessary "unified" two way radio system - for one simple reason. Because if they don't spend the money on these over built or pork projects, they LOSE it. And if they are approved for a given dollar amount for a capital project (like Government Center Station), but come in under budget, they also lose the balance. In other words, there's almost no incentive for management to do things in a cost efficient way

Want to get real improvements to the MBTA, and reduce outlays for questionable capital projects. Then contact your state and Federal legislators and demand this outdated system of grants be reformed to give the MBTA greater flexibility as to how it's allowed to spend its capital funds.

Emergencies: The Process Is Thrown Out

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Baker could call up Elaine Chao, the US Secretary of Transportation, and cancel the GLX bid as an emergency provision. The $1 billion STATE MATCH being held up for the GLX can be redirected to the existing MBTA system. When NYC had a major blackout, the "process" went out the window. NYC will likely announce another emergency with its subway system in the coming days. Boston needs to do the same

You going to drive me to work, then?

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All you jerks who hate the GLX need to get a grip. This was needed twenty years ago. This was REQUIRED to be built 20 years ago. Unless you are turning into a free private ride service, stfu!

Hit A Nerve?

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Did you propose the GLX?

If so, bad idea from the get go.

I can't believe I have to say this; but Boston should use its money to prevent subway fires, down trains, and potential fatalities before it spends a dime on multi-billion dollar novelty LRT extensions

Park St.

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Shortly after the "moderate" delay, it was downgraded to "severe." My information was coming from MBTA alerts on my phone, but there wasn't a live MBTA person who knew anything. The driver of one of the trains finally got out and told people the Green Line was closed and that they should try to take another line if they could. A T workman with tools walked along the tracks and told us to "get another ride." There seemed to be some announcements, but the fans were blowing too loud to hear anything. I waited outside on Tremont St. for a while, but there were no T officials anywhere and no information about shuttle service. I finally took a Lyft and got out of there. Sure, technical problems will happen, but why can't there be at least some T person on the scene, even if it's just to tell us they don't know anything yet? I've been in other situations where at least there were a few T people around to give you updates. This was really bad communication all around, and I don't think there are any valid excuses for it.

T Police and other fools

Saw a Tweet that service had been restored. Got to Park Street and was waiting for a trolley. The announcement said it was still suspended. The station attendant was hiding next to the ticket machines. Got up the stairs and there are 8 T cops standing there. Eight cops to do a two person job. They are known to break out in hives if they go any where near the platforms of any station so it is understandable that they were not letting people know who were downstairs.

Yes the Green line is older than the Pyramids but the T could do a lot more to make the situation more bearable.

Latest alert is that service has been restored

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but with severe delays.

Interesting observation : When the Orange Line is shut down in the downtown area , the alerts, messages, announcements, etc always tell people to use the Green Line. However, neither the alerts nor the advisory on the T's web site about today's Green Line closure mentioned using the Orange Line as an option.

Tweets do

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Tweets do

edit: also, mbta website still shows suspended, not sure where your info comes from - mbta alert text?

Got info from alerts

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"Service restored but with severe delays" alert came about 15-20 min after I read the post about the tweet.