BPL to return stolen artifacts to Italy

WBUR reports on the repatriation of several items, including a pair of medieval manuscripts, that the library bought not knowing they were stolen.




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    So the BPL just gives away stuff paid with taxpayer dollars. How about selling the stuff and use the proceeds to hire someone that can actually help me out at the Boylston St entrance.

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    "There are people out there

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    "There are people out there who value profit over history and they're willing to steal the cultural heritage of other nations by selling those items over here in the United States," Weinreb said.

    This sounds like a quasi-religious over romanticized definition of 'history'. Moving an object from one museum to another, or even to a private collection does not change 'history'.

    These artifiacts are just assets. They have substantial monetary value, so people want them back.

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    Returning sacred art to its home?

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    Or just looking for pieces to sell on the commercial market to make some profit?

    It would not take a fancy lawyer to argue that much of the European art help in this nation was acquired frequently under questionable or even unknown circumstances. The Italian government could argue that what was called Primitive Italian art was bought when it's value was misunderstood and so the wealthy people who bought (and then gave to the public) the art works were buying with an unfair advantage. They had better education to appreciate what Italians saw as junk.

    I wish museums and libaries would just tell the Italians no. The Italians would then say they would not loan any pieces to the U.S. Then the U.S. institutions can make the same threat and everyone is back to wondering how to get around an impasse that hurts everyone.

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    I wish museums and libaries would just tell the Italians no. ... and everyone is back to wondering how to get around an impasse that hurts everyone.

    You're telling us that you wish for the creation of a situation that hurts everyone?

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    Guide to Problematical Boston Public Library Use

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    Usability at Boston Public Library needs ever greater improving. You get off the train, arrive at BPL, the very first thing that happens upon entering is confusion. A lot more can be done to make using our library easier.

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    Off-topic Blast from the Past

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    I haven't heard of that one in decades. And it seems off-topic for this article. This article is about BPL returning artifacts to Italy, not about the usability of BPL.

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    I dunno

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    Every time I walk into the library, I wonder "how would I be able to view medieval Italian manuscripts?" Same problem the Zak has.

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    Your move, England. The Rosetta Stone, Elgin Marbles, Koh-i-Noor Diamond, Chinese imperial treasures, etc. all want to go home.

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