Breathing or space saving? In East Boston, it's no contest

Oxygen tank used as space saver in East Boston

Ryan spotted this oxygen tank doubling as a space saver on Eagle Hill in East Boston today.



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Maybe this and the recent election prove that we're just too damn stupid to live. Even if it's Nana's old tank left over from before she died of COPD after 40 years of sucking on Pall Malls, this is really dangerous.


Get Real

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"Isn't the 48 hours deadline past?"

In East Boston, space savers are out 12 months a year.

It's 40' out

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Good time to shovel...

Ice, Ice, Baby

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Normally, but this is some pretty solid stuff. I was able to stand my fat ass on the 4 inches in my driveway and it didn't even give. And that was the part without the ice coating.

Still worth working on it, but on-street parkers aren't going to bother until it melts more.

Take and sell

The sale of that tank and cart will be enough to pay for a spot in a private lot for a few nights.


An Example Of Why Health Care Costs Are So High

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Some medical device company probably billed Medicare thousands of dollars for that, and are likely still charging some exorbitant amount for "service". Based on my own experience with the companies that used to supply my CPAP machines, there is a huge amount of waste and ridiculous pricing — it's such a racket!


No, no, no.

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No, no, no.

You're getting it all wrong.

This is to show how hard they actually had to work to shovel out that spot - that they needed oxygen to finish the job!!!

either that, or...

"You wouldn't steal a parking spot from an emphysema patient, would you?"

I hope that tank is empty. It

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I hope that tank is empty. It doesn't have a regulator on it though so it's not possible to check. Those tanks are usually labeled with who provides them so calling the number on there will fix the issue with that spacesaver, although not on the weekends generally.

Godspeed Nana

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Nana might've recenty died, easier to have the City DPW take away that thing than pay to dispose of it.


Tanks are like growlers or those CO2 cylinders for selzer or other refillable containers - you don't pay to dispose of them, but turn them in for the deposit!

God, I can just see some

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God, I can just see some ungrateful grandkids carrying off Grampa's old oxygen tanks to get the deposit for beer money.