Brighton bfresh soon to bclosed; Roslindale 7-Eleven soon to be 0-Zero

Both the bfresh at 470 Washington St. in Brighton and the 7-Eleven at 4196 Washington St. in Roslindale Square currently have "50% off" signs because both are about to close down.




Great store

Too bad, the hot food was great

Maybe stole too much business from the big stop n shop?

I walked to bFresh a couple

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I walked to bFresh a couple of times, and couldn't find what I wanted. So I gave up and I've been driving to stop and shop ever since.

There's new competition

down across from the Staplarget store where a new quickie mart opened. Maybe that did for this one? I never liked that 711 but then I wasn't it's target demo either.

7-11’s downfall was the rehab

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Which is ironic since it was done for the Tedeschi changeover. They closed just as the store a block away (the one whose opening you decried) opened. That meant there was no convienence store loyalty in that part of the Square. Fascinating that the large chain failed while the upstart chain I had never heard of before succeeded.

It’ll be interesting to see what goes in in its place.


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I was spacing on the name. WaWa was on my mind, but l knew it wasn’t that.

Lottery Central

Before it became a 7-Eleven, the Tedeschi's/L'il Peach was a huge lottery outlet - people would sit there and play Keno for hours. Once that store converted to the 7-Eleven format, the regulars never came back (or went down the street to Sam's) - either 7-Eleven didn't want the reputation of being a hangout, or they wanted a format that had people get their stuff quickly and efficiently.

The Sad-conomy

Did they still sell lottery?
That's the sad economy to me, put donuts cigarettes and sody pop in there too. You have to sell poison to compete now.

They did sell lottery

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But to understand the change, you would have to had visited the site pre renovation. There was always about 5 people there playing Keno. It was basically a betting parlor that sold milk. It was kind of a sad place to visit. Ironically the post renovation place was more cheerful, but they mustn’t have had the income.

The Keno zombies in the

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The Keno zombies in the aisles staring up at the game screens are the worst subclass of lottery player I can imagine/ have encountered- always think of the 7-11 on Western Avenue in Allston as a particular haven for that

Change of Franchiser?

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Many of these small convenience stores are managed by franchisers. The franchiser may be an individual or a modest-sized company that may own more than one store. The fast-food industry works like this as do many chain restaurants.

The name is franchised by the company but they take responsibility for the stock and employees.

If the franchiser failed in some way that could account for the store closing. If so, it would still be possible for another franchiser to take over the space. Selling off the stock (which they own) would make sense in this case.

I have not witnessed any down-turn in clientele going in and out of the place so the possibility that the franchiser is leaving seems to move to the front row for me.

Franchise for sale

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If you Google 7-Eleven Washington St Roslindale you’ll see that the franchise is for sale. This isn’t a new development as that webpage has been online for several months.