Brighton budgie beaks birdie banquet

PlunkettPrime forwards this photo a friend in Brighton took of the non-local visitor to her bird feeder.



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    Want a cwackor.

    Paging MPLO

    Resident UHub bird expert.

    Is this one of those Andean parakeets that are known to be able to overwinter?

    Adam identified it

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    It's a Budgerigar, aka Budgie. They're from Australia and not cold hardy. You may be thinking of Monk Parakeets which are from southern South America (but not the Andes) and can, and have, withstood Boston winters. This lost pet needs to find a warm place indoors before next winter.


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    I thought only hummingbirds liked that red nectar.

    A Zoo escapee?

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    Franklin Park Zoo has that massive Budgie enclosure- makes me wonder if one of them might have flown the coop?