Brooklynite tries to crowdsource a different take on the Boston gangster genre

Hey, guys, what about a TV series about a Boston crime family, but instead of featuring some Afflecky tough guy, it "takes the traditionally hypermasculine crime genre and turns it on its head, placing a queer female lead at its center and making her the driver of the action"? The Dig interviews Caitlin Graham, who's trying to bring this idea to the small screen. She's from Brooklyn, but she's OK, she went to school here.



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    My mind is blown

    I hope this TV show leads me to question my problematic stereotypes on gender race and sexuality

    Love the idea!!!!

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    As a queer woman who grew up in Southie I think this is awesome! I actually would have a lot to offer if she ever needed insight on things.

    A 1980s drama where a

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    A 1980s drama where a closeted drag queen mob boss out of Bay Village comes out and goes to War with rivals in the South End, Fenway, and Charlestown in the midst of the cocaine and AIDS epidemic could actually be quite good. Maybe NetFlix or Amazon could produce it?

    Old Lesbian Bars

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    They could recreate 1970s/80s era Boston lesbian bars like Somewhere, Somewhere Else, Saints and Darts. if I recall, Saints didn't allow men in at all. There was somewhat of a "separatist" movement afoot at the time in some women's circles.

    Why? I know of at least 2

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    Why? I know of at least 2 women that ran some stuff in Southie. One of them was a friend's mom. Are you embarrassed that this character is gay?

    I support this, but I still

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    I support this, but I still want the queer female lead to be played by Ben Affleck. Otherwise how will I know that it's about Boston crime?