Camera crew journeys all the way up from New York to interview area weather-lord disciple

Phil Meets the Internet - Ep 2 - WEATHER IS HAPPENING

This will probably be the most divisive video I post this week. If you're already a fan of Weather is Happening, you'll appreciate this video. But if you've never heard of the Weather Man before, you'll probably get about a minute into it (if that long) and wonder about my sanity in posting it (and then try to post something about how I'm losing it and how you remember when UHub was good, Adam).




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    So handy, I'll follow them on Twitter. The website reminds me a tiny bit of Wonkette which is also very very fabulous.

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    My weather station is the Weather Lair!

    I've never known why on Weather Underground my closest station is called the Weather Lair. This blows my mind. I think I have a new obsession.

    Thank you Adam, don't know what I'd do without you.

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    Boston Weather

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    Q: How's the weather today?

    A: Looks like snowblobs & a wicked wind. Repent to your weatherlords.

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    There is hope yet.

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    Not only are they fun but the Weather Guy's description of Weather Lords, the need to repent, etc. all makes for absurd sense.

    Makes me think of Eraserhead in the age of the internet.

    They are proof that there is hope for humanity yet.

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    I know genetic engineering is big in these parts but had no idea they had successfully spliced Don Kent, Zip Rzeppa, Alex Jones, and a random, ironic millennial!

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