Campaign roundup: Walsh deigns to debate

The Walsh campaign says Hizzona has agreed to debate challenger Tito Jackson twice - once with Dan Rea on WBZ on Oct. 10 and once with Braude and Eagan on WGBH on Oct. 24. No times announced; Jackson says he's looking at other debate invitations.

The It Boy In hindsight, maybe running as a clown just when a movie about killer clowns comes out was not the best idea. The Herald reports that on Tuesday, some nervous people at a polling place at Roxbury Community College called 911 to report "a creepy clown" when Pat "Stop calling me Kevin" Payaso showed up in full clown regalia (along with his equally clowned out wife and car) to drum up support for his campaign for an at-large council seat.

The Globe takes a look at whether Walsh's road to a permanent mayorality starts in the city's heavily minority wards. The Herald examines Jackson's "lackluster" campaign in black neighborhoods. posts ward breakdowns for East Boston in the District 1 City Council race.




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Who would debate someone they're heading by 20+ points.

I just hope Tito rides off into the race card sunset.


We can do better

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Dan Rea is a right wing extremist ideologue occasionally pretending to be otherwise. Braude and Eagan are pompous and self centered . They think the world revolves around their own opinions and life experiences.
I would love to watch Marty and Tito debate each other, but the choice of moderators is awful. At least they didnt chose John Keller, who is absolutely the worst.


We have right wing media types

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We have right wing media types and liberals who try endlessly to be impartial with false equivalencies. One of the best question askers in interviews and two-on-one mayoral forums I've witnessed is Meghna Chakrabarti.


Standard subpar WBUR talent

She's better than the execrable Robin Young and the pointless Jeremy Hobson I guess but anyone who values the opinion of Paris Dennard is clearly not interested in anything more than 'both sides' false equivalency ruining our media.

Tito should just throw in the

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Tito should just throw in the towel. There's no way he can win.

And his attacks on the Boston Police are a shameful and desperate attempt to galvanize the black vote. In reality, when you compare Boston to a lot of cities in America, the BPD should be commended for their work. Thank God we're not Baltimore or a city like that.


Tito shouldn't raise issues

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Where do Boston's Mayoral and City Council candidates stand on policing issues? asks ACLU Massachusetts.

Thee general election candidates for Boston City Council and Mayor yesterday received a questionnaire asking them to describe their views on a range of policing issues. The questionnaire was prepared by the ACLU of Massachusetts, Muslim Justice League, Families for Justice as Healing, Digital Fourth, Council on American-Islamic Relations – Massachusetts, Jewish Voice for Peace – Boston, Young Abolitionists, Boston Police Camera Action Team, and Boston Coalition for Police Accountability.

The questionnaire asks candidates to provide their positions on policing issues related to immigration, information sharing with the federal government, surveillance, racial profiling, drug arrests, police militarization, use of force, plain clothes policing, overtime spending, and transparency and public accountability.

“In November 2016, the country and the world got a shocking reminder that elections matter,” said Carol Rose, executive director of ACLU of Massachusetts. “Municipal elections often don’t get enough attention, but our local elected officials have immense power to shape and implement policies that impact all of us...


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I believe He's running for show,it's to make the electorate think they actually have a choice. I'm thinking at the end of this Tito will be given a job within the Walsh administration. Much like Felix Arroyo.


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The mere appearance of a clown in public is reason to call 911 now? Ca new start fining people who call 911 for asinine reasons yet?


City Council

I've always wondered why Eastie, Charlestown, and the North End share a city counsel rep. The latter two make sense to me, but Eastie should probably its own district–especially with the amount of development and associated headaches happening there right now.



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Each city councillor represents 1/9th of the total population of the city. Since there are more than 9 neighborhoods, and only 1 has more than 10% of the population, councilors represent multiple neighborhoods. McCarthy represents Hyde Park and Roslindale. O'Malley represents West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. Ciomo represents Allston and Brighton (yes, us outsiders think of them as one, since the were both the Town of Brighton, but don't say that too loud out that way) and Bill Linehan represents the South End and South Boston. And at that, these lines aren't neat, as McCarthy and Campbell both represent parts of Mattapan.

If we had 20 or 25 councilors, more neighborhoods would have a dedicated rep. I don't see that happening.

Most of these

make sense, and I'm not questioning the overall practice–more why Eastie shares a rep with 2 neighborhoods across the harbor with very different interests (and already developed waterfronts, before that card gets played).

Look at the structure of

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Look at the structure of Boston city government prior to 1910. Neighborhoods used to have much better representation prior to the current strong mayor system.

Prior to 1910?

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There were 22 councilors prior to 1949. You know, like the 22 wards we still have today.