Campaign roundup: Walsh tells Jackson he'll have just two debates, and he'll like it

CORRECTION: The candidates will have two debates after all - they agreed to a second one on Oct. 11.

After both sides agreed not to scab out at a WBZ debate, we're left with just a single mayoral debate, at WGBH's studios on the 10th (and now a second one the next night at Hibernian Hall in Roxbury). Tito asked Marty for at least four total debates. One of Marty's minions replied, basically: Yeah, right.

Speaking of Walsh opponents, John Connolly popped up this week to endorse Stephen Passacantilli in the District 1 (East Boston, Charlestown and North End) council race. Connolly's from far-off West Roxbury, but he did win Charlestown and the North End when he ran against Walsh four years ago.

Passacantilli and challenger Lydia Edwards have agreed to have more than one debate.

In District 2 (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, Downtown), less than successful candidate Corey Dinopoulos endorsed Mike Kelley in his race against Ed Flynn.

The Dorchester Reporter takes a look at the candidates in District 7 (Roxbury, with a bit of Dorchester): Kim Janey and Rufus Faulk. Janey came in first in the September preliminary, but only got about 25% of the vote (in a 13-person field).




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    Makes Sense

    Maybe there is more to it than this, but Connolly doesn't really like the BTU and the BTU endorsed Lydia Edwards so I can see why he's not endorsing her. It's not going to be enough for Passacantilli though.

    Walsh should agree to more than one debate, that's ridiculous. He could have 5 debates and still win so I don't understand what his problem is.

    Going to be tough to beat Ed Flynn and Kim Janey, but maybe, just maybe state rep Chyna Tyler can get her machine working overtime to get Rufus elected. Also if Dominique Williams and Brian Keith come out to support Rufus it could make it a bit closer.

    Spare your indignation

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    In any election, the front-runner wants fewer debates, while the challenger wants lots of debates.

    That's how politics 'works' and has always worked.


    Yeah, but

    Usually it's more than one debate. And just because it has always worked that way doesn't mean it should continue.



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    The Globe hasn't offered to host a debate?

    Wouldn't that be a boon to the status quo?

    Oh, never mind.

    Why should his excellency

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    Why should his excellency Martin J. Walsh take time of his busy schedule looting the city for his construction and developer buddies to debate a minority political opponent in a minority majority city?

    Accountability is for the LITTLE PEOPLE.



    A/B isn't the community?

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    A/B isn't the community?

    I actually don't know. '

    Will there be tickets for WGBH? Its just up the street for me.

    Here we go again

    I really hope everyone involved got Jamarhl's clearly stated approval before daring to have a debate in his neighborhood and that these candidates were deemed worth by him.


    At first glance it seems

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    At first glance it seems ironic that Connolly is supporting Passacantilli since Passacantilli was Marty Walsh’s North End coordinator in the last mayoral race. Though he might have gotten points with Connolly for failing to deliver the North End for Walsh. And, actually, Connolly’s major involvement with the North End as a councilor was to support every late night liquor license and over-sized development which was proposed so that makes him a perfect supporter for Passacantilli.

    why do people like Marty?

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    I seriously can't fathom why Marty's favorable numbers are upwards of 60%. He sucks and I don't personally know anyone (with whom I have discussed Boston politics, anyway) who doesn't think he sucks.


    I like Walsh because...

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    He does the job of Mayor better than Menino did. The primary goal of a Mayor is public saftey and operations. Since he has been mayor all of the following have been excellent as expected: Trash pick up, recycling pick up, lawn waste pickup, policy, fire and ambulance responses (admittedly not much use of those services), snow plowing, responses on the city 3-1-1 app for pot holes, broken street lights, vandalism. There have no no issues or errors with any of those operations, and that includes tax collecting. he has also been leading a much needed effort to have better long term planning for the city and all the neighborhoods. this is something Menino was never focused on.The second goal of the mayor is to oversee, enforce and authorize policy that the council has put in place. I haven't seen or heard of any failures to complete this on his part. The extra items that people get upset over are events he has worked on, including F1 and BOS2024. Neither one ever got off the ground and the city didn't spend too much money or time with them so it's probably a win they fell apart for various reasons. I do like that he is willing to go out and try to bring events to Boston.

    I have a different take on that

    The primary goal of a Mayor is public saftey and operations.

    I believe the primary goal of a Mayor is to be a strong advocate for the interests of the people of his or her city. I believe that Walsh has pretty consistently sided with special interests against the broader interests of the city.



    It didn't get off the ground but what matters to me is that he signed off on giving away Widett Circle for pennies on the dollar and the structure of the deal meant that they would get the land whether or not we were awarded the Olympics. So he was willing to back a huge giveaway to developers which would create construction jobs (though we're in a boom so it's hardly needed) to host a two week party that is nearly guaranteed to lose huge sums of money and raise my taxes for the rest of my life. That is unforgivable in my book and I would leave the field blank before I would ever cast a vote for him.


    He Sucks

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    He sucks but people in Boston are a complacent and generally unchanging bunch. Tito would be a fine mayor, he's no less qualified or capable than Walsh but he mistimed his run-Walsh has done poorly enough that he could possibly lose an election-I suspect things get worse for Walsh and not better from here. Tito just doesn't have the clout yet to take him out-should have just waited till he got more $$$$. He really needs Statewide minority support and a few national figures (progressives and notable AfAm's) to huddle up around him. The people he thought were his friend sin the city of Boston have too much to lose. They are followers not leaders and they would need to see evidence that the big wigs like Tito.

    You need to talk to more people

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    Or at least talk to Bostonians.

    The simple truth is that Walsh hasn’t really screwed anything up. The Olympics and Formula One were bad, but he jumped ship from them before they sunk entirely.

    That’s the basic rule for an incumbent politician. Don’t screw up. That’s why Boston has had 4 mayors in 50 years and counting. Last mayor to be unseated was in the 1940s.

    Marty got an endorsment from Planned Parenthood today

    Let's see where access to birth control lands on the list of Boston mayor's race issues