Can pizza make you lose your mind?

Opponents of a pizzeria planned for Harvard Square are now accusing the place of fostering a race war and encouraging people to mainline heroin, Cambridge Day reports.



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Can Pizza Make you lose your mind?

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Good Question, but we'll never know with the Harvard Square gang. They lost their minds long before the defense funds blue-blood line arrived on the Mayflower.

Who could forget the behavior of the inhabitants of this enclave with the Commonwealth Day School?

I'm offended! I'm offended!!

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I'm offended! I'm offended!!

Okay, I watched that commercial two times. I didn't see anything that intoned "you must do heroin to eat our pizza." And this white girl didn't see any "scary" black guys, either.

What I did see was expressing yourself, physically. Either by dance, boxing, working out, bike riding, getting a tattoo, whatever. Yeah, there was some graffiti going on, but as stated in the article, it's not permanent.

For Pete's sake, can people calm the f down, and stop looking for shit to get all worked up over? It's a commercial for pizza. They're trying to set themselves apart. That's it.

not offended

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My only issue with this ad is that if I didn't know what it was for, I would have absolutely no idea what it was for.

The only scary thing about it

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The only scary thing about it is that people get paid big bucks to come up with idiotic commercials like that.

It works, no?

Given that yesterday you and I had never heard of this pizza joint, and today we're talking about it, it would seem the ad people earned their keep....

No, not necessarily

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Yeah people are talking about it, but I for one certainly don't intend to try that place. Also, advertising is supposed to be about branding. I can barely figure out the name of the place. The Ampersand Pizza Company? ooh, catchy.

If anything, this discussion reminds me that I need to get over to Pinocchio's. It's been a while!

Yeah, it sucks

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living in Cambridge. We're infested with bookstores. There's probably more of them than in the rest of Massachusetts put together. Not as bad as it used to be, but still. And then there's the quality of life: tree-lined streets, bike lanes everywhere, good schools, a low crime rate, a low tax rate, and two of the best universities in the world. And all those liberals talking about things like racial and economic justice. Will the horrors never cease? It's like a nightmare.

Don't forget

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Don't forget the median home price of $725,000.


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We'll be fine, but who's tax money is going to pay for y'all's roads?

Oh, come on!

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Cambridge is a great area, in many ways. Too bad that it's now out of the price range of so many people.


The message I got from the commercial is, "We make pizza that appeals to the folks who hang out at the Lynch Family Skatepark."

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1)if real, the permanent tatoo of company logo thing is pretty creepy

2) re the linked article: I consider myself to be voraciously curious by nature, yet I find I have zero interest in understanding what the phrase "poochiefication of pizza" means. I guess I've become too unhip for Harvard Square.


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That's the thing that creeped me out. Should it be legal to pay people to tattoo an advertisement for your product onto their bodies? And if it is, should it be legal to pay them with pizza? You can argue that it's a contract between two willing parties, but if there's a case where a party's mere assent to the terms of a contract demonstrates their incompetence to make it, surely this is it.

Nothing new about corporate logo tattoos

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Think of all the people you've seen with Pats, Sox, Bruins, Celtics tattoos.

Or really, just Google "company name + tattoo" and you'll probably find an example. Here's one for a much larger pizza chain.

Pretentious commercial

Insufferable and exaggerated response. Dont know that much about Bukowski, but surprising that he or his estate would allow his poem in a pizza commercial. Sad!

Further proof

that Cambridge liberal intellectuals are just as clueless and stupid as Trump voters: they both refuse to admit to their stupidity because their egos won't let them.

One question

Why are you so sure that these people are "liberal intellectuals"?

Read up on the tree outside the Harvard Lampoon building some time. That wasn't liberal intellectuals. Some of those people are still around.

There are also wealth-sheltered reactionary non-partisans like the babyboomer age lady in Trader Joe's who was massively torqued up because a couple of young gals in swimsuits crossed over from the pool and wanted to buy Popsicles. Definitely not liberal. Definitely not feminist. (and was horrified that nobody supported her puritan BS)


Had to dig for that one - she is not anywhere listed in any of the links or linked articles. Seems at best tangential - but then again she may be a lunatic speaking *for* the group with all those idiotic petitions.

Old Girlfriend of yours?

Could have been...

I think I took her to see Parliament/Funkadelic at the Twin Rinks and she was appalled, shocked I tell you!


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It is nice living in a bubble. So much to be offended by staring at your own navel. How many angels are dancing on the head of that pin did you say?????????

This entire story and the fact any of us responded to it (myself included) should be the biting satire of the world we've created that makes us question ourselves enough to wonder if we should quit the reality show and rejoin the real world where actual maladies occur.

Last time I was in D.C. (more

Last time I was in D.C. (more accurately: Bethesda, MD) I went to an &pizza and I thought it was really, really good. But maybe that's because I'm black and suggestible as this white lady from Cambridge says I am. Plus the new work I'm doing for the Medellín Cartel is big bucks

members of the Harvard Square

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members of the Harvard Square Neighborhood Association

Why is this a thing? What possible use (besides keeping out those who the association doesn't like) does this group have?