Candidate offers pedicab rides to the polls

Poll rides offered in Allston and Brighton

Brandon Bowser, who is running against incumbent District 9 (Allston/Brighton) Councilor Mark Ciommo today, has a fleet of pedicabs ready to take people to the polls.



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Funnily Enough

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The campaigners and signs [for all candidates] in front of Jackson Mann in Allston are no where close to 150' away from door.

Of course they're not

Rules are for the little people, silly.

I voted Bowser. Good luck, kid. Also voted myself for mayor, and Wu, Payaso, Pressley, and Essaibi-George for at-large.

I'm sure at least one of those people is a registered Democrat. Blind squirrel, nut. I like Pressley's work with liquor licenses, and also her vote (same with Wu) against a pay raise for herself.

Even A Blind Squirrel Votes For A Sick Cult

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Didn't you call the Democrats a "sick cult?" Way to cast votes for that. Cult meetings are every second Tuesday of November.

Do you only vote for the good KKK members too?

Speaking of that, the guy who voted for mayor suggested once that black people should be kept out of bars. Does anybody in your sick cult spew hate like that?