Cannonball distress: State Police called in to explode live, 19th-century explosive

Cannonball on Hull man's lawn

Cannonball on Hull man's lawn. Photo via Hull PD

Hull Police report a Nantasket Avenue man finally un-crating a box of antiques he bought a year ago discovered this morning that among its contents was a cannonball with a fuse still attached.

After putting it on his front lawn, as one does, he called police, who responded, looked, determined the thing seemed to be still able to explode and called in the State Police bomb squad, whose members transported it to the Hull town dump, where they exploded it. Hull Police say:

Based on the results of the detonation, it is believed that the cannonball was live ordinance and contained explosives.



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    (Mighty Old Ammo, Buddy)

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    Your one opportunity to use "Cannonball Run" in a title, Adam, and you blew it!

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    A powerful law

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    it is believed that the cannonball was live ordinance

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