Car flips in Brookline

Flipped car on Beacon Street in Brookline

Rami reports the driver of this car somehow flipped it at Beacon and Charles streets in Coolidge Corner shortly before 9 p.m.

Fire crews worked hard hard to pull driver out. She seems okay.



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Now this?

Allow me to start off for the pro-bike brigade:

It's bad enough when they block the bike lane on their wheels but now drivers are going to start blocking us while upside down too?


Kidding aside, lets not act like its actual bike infrastructure.

interesting parking job

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Not much different from those being stored for free on public right of way next to it, really.

Let's see here

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License fee. Registration fee. Fuel tax. Excise tax.

Now explain again how the drivers of those cars are getting any "freebies" from using that PUBLIC roadway. And use DOES include parking, especially where spaces are provided for that purpose.

I'll bite.

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The Beacon Street project was built with a mix of state and local dollars. Maybe the state got federal dollars for its share, dunno.

The local dollars come from property tax. Only about half of Brookline households own a car, but all households, via direct tax payments or through rent, are paying property tax. And property tax covers the vast majority of Brookline's budget; the excise tax revenue is nowhere near the amount Brookline spends annually on road work.

Motorists pay for just about 100% of their Interstates with auto-related taxes, something like half of their state roadways with auto-related taxes, and virtually none of their local roadways with auto-related taxes.

The More You Know

All of which doesn't even cover half of it

You could make yourself sound like you know what you're talking about if you just took two seconds and googled a question about user fees and taxes paying for roads. In Massachusetts less than half of the roads are funded by all user fees and taxes which means that the person who doesn't even have a car is paying their share for more than half of the roads despite their lesser need for them.

Furthermore, I have both motor vehicles and bicycles (which is the case for many if not a majority of cyclists) so even when I'm on the bike I've got skin in the game for both parts of that funding, just like every other car owner.

"Stored for Free" in Brookline? Not really.

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Brookline does not allow overnight parking. And in the absence of meters, only allows 2-hour parking.

I wouldn't call that Stored for Free at all.

While I didn't see it happen,

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While I didn't see it happen, I did pass by the scene last night. It's a complete mystery to me how this could have happened. There was only this car at the scene and they were flipped in a way that didn't make it look like they went over the curb funny. It was like it fell out of the sky.