Cat down to eight lives after rescue at Roxbury fire

Cat getting care outside Roxbury fire

Boston EMT administers oxygen to injured cat. Photo by BFD.

Boston firefighters and EMTs worked to save the life of a cat trapped inside a burning building in Roxbury this morning.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters arrived at 78 West Cottage St. at 10:25 a.m. to battle what turned into a two-alarm fire. No humans were hurt, but firefighters inside the building found a cat - which they handed off to EMTs for care.

Rescued cat reacting positively to oxygen and first aid at this time.

The fire caused an estimated $350,000 in damage, according to the department, which adds that the cause remains under investigation.



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It's not a child. Get a grip.

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It's not a child. Get a grip.

Astounding waste of resources. Hope the EMTs thoroughly clean the equipment after use.


No humans needed rescue or EMT attention (thankfully) so why not help out a fellow mammal, likely a cherished pet? Hats off to the EMTs, and here's hoping kitty recovers and reverts back to "ADORABLE!" status soon

Two Things

1. Do you really think they'd save the cat's life if there was a human who was in need of attention?

2. Clean? You're cool if it was used on a junkie oozing fluids from every orifice but if used on a cat it must need some special sanitation?

Specialized equipment

It isn't uncommon for fire departments to have a set of special masks just for kitteh snouts and doggos snoots. In some places, schoolkids raise the money to buy them.


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On where you are.


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Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning..

Animals>90% of people

I would much rather see the local EMS focus their life saving efforts on cats than most people in this world these days. People are wretched wastes of space for the most part.

Asshole of the day!

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Nice. I have found my asshole of the day! Now I can focus on other things. By the way, volunteers were on the scene helping people and pets. If you are so into saving resources, get offline and get your ass volunteering. But we know that isn't happening. Online slacktivist saving the world's resources from a keyboard. The only oxygen being wasted is on you.


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Hope Fluffy makes a full recovery!!!

yes they can

it helps, especially in the case you mentioned, being an apex predator

as my cat is wont to demonstrate to his toys, or my hand, should it contain turkey

Definitely not an apex predator

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Definitely not an apex predator -- a middle-of-the-foodchain predator. There are likely a lot of things in those woods that will eat a cat.

Agencies for 911 in BOSTON

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FYI-The City of Boston is different than MOST other cities in the USA.

We have 3 separate agencies that provide Emergency 911 services within the City of Boston.

1-Boston Police (BPD( (police cars)

2-Boston Emergency Medical Services (Boston EMS) (ambulances)

3-Boston Fire department (BFD) (fire trucks)

In this photo, these are our EMT's not Firefighters.

Although, our firefighters are EMT's, who assist the EMT's before the EMT's get there or while they are together on the call, it is the EMT's and or Paramedics who treat and transport in the end.

A lot of times you'll have the BFD arrive first on a scene to assist until BEMS gets there. The Ambulances' have a high call volume for medical assistance whereas the BFD don't have as many Fires to respond to, so they assist BEMS if and when there might be a delay or their specialties are needed, such as extrications with specialized tools for car accidents and such.

They all work together, in sync, to help everyone that needs 911 services.


Looks like Stanley Foreman has some competition!