The cat is out of the bag on new Roslindale murals

Cat mural coming in

Looks like the Mayor's Mural Crew has given up trying to simply restore the bird mural at Washington and Archdale streets that has been defaced, restored and then defaced again over the past couple of years. Instead, work has started on a mural featuring a giant cat.

Meanwhile, the old Roslindale Square mural on the side of the building where Select Cafe used to be has been painted over to make way for a new mural featuring lots and lots of rabbits, including this one:

Rabbit mural



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    Who would deface that bird mural?

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    Is what I first asked myself, because, at first glance it was obviously something about peace and diversity, and was visually attractive.

    Then I took another look at it, and a person doesn't need a lot of creativity to have a very offensive interpretation of it, in direct conflict with the first glance impression. Even a little stronger in the restoration version. I can't imagine the artist intended that.

    So your defacer is still a jerk, but they might have been motivated by being offended.

    If defacer was offended, they should have talked to the artist, to city officials, to the community. Now everyone just thinks the defacer is a jerk, and hasn't learned anything.

    Oh please

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    By all means, share with us what this "offensive interpretation" could possibly have been. SMH

    That piece wasn't gone over by a legit tagger - this was just some toy hating on real art because they have no pride or talent - pissing on a wall, plain and simple. Don't make excuses for some self-loathing loser.

    (Full disclosure, my daughter is friends with a couple of the Rosi kids who designed and painted that mural and others - and those kids are woke and proud of their neighborhood).

    I can believe it was just a jerk, not offense-motivated

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    You really don't want to know some of the obvious offensive interpretations. It hits a few offensive prejudices and long-time resentments. Totally counter to what I assume was the artist's intent.

    I've seen a lot of neighborhood peace and unity murals of this kind, and the others were fine.

    Some people's jaws would drop at the cringe-worthiness, many other people would be hurt at some of the interpretations being explained, and some usual angry trolls would be triggered by mention of issues that they deny exist.

    If you really want to know, go ask an educated artist or a humanities major, with an awareness of the last few decades of American history, in person. Watch their face as they see the piece for the first time, and wait for the pained look or laugh, as they start to see how symbols could be misinterpreted.

    If it was made by children, that's different. Children haven't yet learned a lot of the prejudices and resentments, and we should try to interpret their art through their innocent eyes.

    What are you referring to?

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    The mural or the graffiti?

    If the mural, your experts would have loved it because it had a deeper meaning than just being a pretty picture, in fact, it was an interpretation of a Dominican saying, in an homage to the area's large Dominican population. Experts love that kind of stuff.

    If the graffiti, well, no, the "artist" wasn't trying to say anything, except maybe "Hey, lookit me, I'm an asshole!" It didn't even rise to the level of some of the tags you can see out the window of the Orange Line these days.

    hows bout

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    we put a nice big transparent bubble over the wall this time,. cats are all powerful, but lets not leave it to chance.

    They're only going to deface

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    They're only going to deface that. Doesn't the artist know that? I hate to sound negative and rain on everyone's parade, but it's the truth. How come you don't see street murals in Wellesley?

    Yes, please enlighten us why

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    Yes, please enlighten us why you believe there is a disparity between communities and the prevalence of street art.


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    Because places like Wellesley are known as "leafy suburbs" for a reason and they don't much cotton to the sort of wall art that many of us who choose to live in a city find charming and a reflection of the neighborhoods and people around us.

    To each their own. If murals really bother you, well, move to Wellesley.

    I love murals. It is

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    I love murals. It is disgraceful that a wealthy enclave like Wellesley doesn't support public art!

    Street Art

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    The first Street Art I saw in Bosotn filled me with a new sense of hope.Art transforms almost anything.