The changing face of UHub today

Seems the module that detects mobile devices has gone bonkers today and is showing the mobile version to lots of desktop users. I think I've fixed that (if you're on a desktop and the site has tons of white space and just looks weird, then I haven't, in which case let me know), but the fix has changed the look of the mobile version (which should still be readable, it's mainly that the headline fonts are different and you may not see the ad you usually see at the top of pages, which may be good for you, not so good for me).

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Still looks funny to me on

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Still looks funny to me on desktop. It's been like this since yesterday.

I just tried clearing my cache, which brought the UHub icon back in the top left, but it hasn't gone completely back to normal.

Looks good

On Firefox on Linux. Not so good on Chrome on Linux. Also not good on Vivaldi. No so good on Opera. Not so go on Midori.

Edit again.

Looks better if I login.


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Go to an article page in your Firefox, press F12 to get developer tools, click to the Network tab, do a force reload, and look at the tons of requests. And the layout is still obviously broken. Some software or configuration is bad.

Change = bad

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Uhub is eccentric, not kopacetic. Out with the new !

Wonky on Chrome

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it's the mobile version very stretched out.


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It's fine on my Kindle. Not on my laptop.

Kindle Fire view

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Looks the same today as a week ago - which is fine. However, I cannot log in.

No trouble logging in from a pc or laptop; but cannot get either the old Fire or a newer version to accept my login name/password. No big deal, there is always a work around for commenting.


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Yesterday, we had firewall issues at work and websites were slow to reply. This morning I was still having that issue, but when the page loaded.. it was wonky.

Here I am telling our network team the firewall now has TWO issues.. when it was really Adam just messing with the site.

Browser wars?

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It may be due to the plethora of browsers now available. Just because they say they are a Chrome-based browser, does not mean that they are telling servers that they are a Chrome-based browser. Same for any of the other flavors of browsers based on Chrome, Mozilla (Firefox), and those few mongrels out there.

If you really want to have some fun try Lunascape. It's somewhat behind in development but you get your choice of engines and can assign those to specific web sites.

I think its portable too. Interesting tool for testing how web sites look.

Lookin' good on Firefox + Linux

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I spent a little time yesterday looking to see if I could spot which CSS file was failing to serve up. Didn't realize it was the mobile version of the site!

Now I'm seeing it

Sunday afternoon, and I wasn't seeing the mobile version before, but I am now.

OS X 10.11.6, Chrome 61.0.3163.100